Rental camper tour in Norwegian Fjords

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Fjords with a rental motorhome

Trip duration:
11 days



Norway is one of those countries you might find yourself knowing surprisingly little about. In a nutshell, it is a country of four seasons, breathtaking fjord sceneries and an intriguing Viking past.

The Geiranger Fjord offers snow-capped mountains, tortuous roads and beautiful small villages down by the fjord. This famous fjord region is located in the western part of the country, and can be reached conveniently on a road trip from Oslo to Bergen with a rental motorhome. One particularly amazing place to mention is The Atlantic Route which is an eight kilometer passage, connecting the towns of Kristiansund and Molde with low bridges bending over the sea. The ocean is inhabited by whales and dolphins that lucky ones may spot on a calm day.

Norway, as the whole Nordics, is a fisherman’s friend, so remember to pack the rods with you!

If you get thirsty for culture, drive your rental camper to one of the various music festivals, admire the odd architecture of the stave churches, and experience the Norwegian cuisine that is famous for its varieties of fish and sweet brown cheese, brunost.

This route is planned to be one way from Oslo to Trondheim. You can also decide to do it in reverse order or return your rental camper back to the original rental station. 


DAY 1 Arriving in Norway

Arrival to Touring Cars' camper rental station, close to Gardermoen Airport.

Arriving at the airport

Once you arrive at the Oslo Gardermoen Airport our friendly staff will greet you in the terminal and provide you with the transfer to Touring Cars camper rental station nearby. At the rental station you will be given a full personal orientation to your beautiful rental camper together with the latest tips on local customs.

Start by indulging yourself to Scandinavian culture and visit Vigelandsparken in Oslo area. It is a park filled with beautiful handmade sculptures and a great place to have a fun day outdoors. At the Bygdøy area is filled with museums from Kon-Tiki to Viking museum. Holmenkollen ski-jump hill is also nearby and it’s an impressive sight to see.

Oslo to Halden, about 150 km

Halden is the home of one of the most magnificent castles in the Europe; Fredriksten fortress. Take a guided tour to learn its history through 6 wars and to find the best places to see the magnificent views over the town and the fjord below.

Halden to Fredrikstad, about 37 km

Not too far away from Halden is another great historical site to visit. This one is the bestpreserved fortress town in Scandinavia. The town itself is known for the friendly and open local people.

DAY 2 Sightseeing in Moss, visiting museums and mesmerizing the endless views from our luxury mobile home on wheels

Fredrikstad to Moss, about 39 km

Moss brewery museums, only open on Saturdays. 

Moss to Horten, (60 min) by ferry 

Port city of Horten has strong historical value in many ways. This is where you can see monumental authentic Viking age burial mounds in their original setting. Culturally important is also the house of Edward Munch which is located in this beautiful, hidden place named Åsgårdstrand, translated, Ås-Gård-Strand, Hill-Farm-Beach, which is exactly what you will get. 

Horten to Åsgårdstrand - Tønsberg, about 24 km

Tønsberg is the oldest city in Norway, Brygga is worth paying a visit, as is Slottsfjellet, a tower built on top of ground walls from the Viking ages. Park your rental motorhome and have a rest with rømmegrøt, a Norwegian porridge specialty, the old-fashioned way.

Tønsberg to Tjøme - Tønsberg, about 51 km

Back and forth, Tjøme is a group of wonderful islands bathing in the sea, offering a passerby an endless view. You can get to the World's End / Verdens Ende, which is the actual name of the southernmost tip of the island of Tjøme, with over 220 sunny days in a year. 

Tønsberg to Sandefjord, about 27 km

It is recommended to stay clear of the highway, and rather take the more relaxing road 303 for better chances of enjoying the views. Sandefjord has the only special museum for whales and whaling in Europe. It also possesses the only fully operative whaling boat from the 1950s.

The Viking ship of Gokstadhaugen, Gokstadskipet, the ship was removed and relocated to Oslo, the hull of the ship is still intact and at the same place.

DAY 3 AND 4 Wildlife and outdoors from the backyard of your motorhome

Sandefjord to Kristiansand about 207 km

Park your rental camper near Kristiansand, which has a zoo and an amusement-park. You can meet Julius, a locally famous chimpanzee, and take part on a tiger safari. Have fun with "real" pirates on the island of Kaptein Sabeltann. Cardamom Town is a fictive city, based on the famous children's story book by Thorbjørn Egner.  

DAY 5 Stop the world for a moment and take a day to discover Stavanger´s natural gifts and scenic views by the side of your five-star motorhome

Kristiandsand - Stavanger about 245 km

Stavanger is a wonderful place, with its white houses and old architecture, an important route for shipping, and should definitely be included in your travel plans with a rental motorhome.


DAY 6 A place which attracts thousands of visitors for thousands of reasons why

Stavanger - Bergen, about 200 kilometers - 5 hours travel - 2 ferries. Bergen is famous for its seafood market and hiking possibilities. Take a trip with a funicular to Fløyen, which is over 300 meters above the sea level and offers the most breathtaking sceneries over the city. 


DAY 7 Trekking in Norwegian National Parks will leave you speechless!

Bergen to Hardangervidde, about 160 km

Take a look at a national park, beautiful landscapes for trekking and breathe in some real fresh air. A refreshing nap afterwards in the comfort of your rental camper keeps will keep you going through the rest of the day!

Hardangervidda to Sudndalen, about 120 km

Experience old-style farming in Sudndalen, from where you can purchase brown goat cheese that's been handmade in a traditional way.

DAY 8 Bucket list camping holiday itinerary in Norway makes you explore the iconic mountains and the glaciers with a camper van!

Sudndalen to Sognfjellet, about 195 km

Glaciers and mountain landscapes - iconic holiday sceneries with a rental motorhome! Sognfjellet offers various activities, such as summer skiing and glacier walking at over 1400 meters.   


DAY 8 and 9 World-famous National Parks and Breathtaking Hiking Trails

Sognfjellet to Dombås, about 130 km

Dovre, Dombås, myskihärkä / moskus / muskox national park gives the only chance in Europe to get closer to these amazing animals. Just, don't get too close! Remember to pack solid trekking boots and windproof clothing. The weather changes fast, and when prepared, you will get the most out of nature's wonders. 

Dombås to Geiranger-Hellesylt, about 234 km

Geiranger is one of the most beloved tourist attractions in Norway. You will understand the reason for this, when you see it with your own eyes.


DAY 10 The traditional story of Norway

Geiranger to Ålesund, about 109 km (3 hours by ferry)

Ålesund was burnt to the ground in 1904 and was rebuilt in Jugend style. Park your rental camper nearby, and take a walk to the top of the Aksla mountain, from where you can admire the city view.

Ålesund to Åndalsnes, about 120 km

Åndalsnes is a small city with only around 3000 inhabitants. Experience untouched nature, where mountains are steep, and dive into the sea.

Åndalsnes to Molde, about 58 km


DAY 11 Explore the caves before driving back the camper van to the beautiful Trondheim

Molde to Naas / Eide about 26 km

This is the coolest cave in Norway, and it’s on the way to Kristiansund.

Molde to Kristiansund, about 72 km

Kristiansund to Trondheim, about 197 km 

Returning of the motorhome to Trondheim airport.

On your way back, make sure to visit Nidaros Cathedral, which is built over the burial site of St. Olaf in the 11th century. Not only is it a massive construction, but it also has a remarkable acoustics, and it makes the sounds travel through every corner of the building.


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