Online Purchasing terms and conditions

The Online Booking Purchasing Terms and Conditions below are applicable as of October 1st, 2020. These terms are valid in the agreement between Touring Cars and the end customer referred to as “Client” or “Renter”. We ask you to read our General Rental Terms, and you will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood these before your booking can be confirmed. If this is your first rental experience with Touring Cars, we recommend reading our Guidelines for motorhome rentals and associated links for more detailed information.

I. Online Booking Process

II. Confirmation of Reservation by Touring Cars

III. Reservation Details

IV. Rates

V. Payment / Means of payment / Terms and Conditions for Deposit

VI. Qualification at the Time of Rental: Documentation & Age Limit

VII. Changes to Reservation: Modification/Cancellation Policy

VIII. Vehicle Collection: Upgrade Policy and Customer’s Arrival Time

IX. Failure to Collect the Vehicle – "No-Show" Fee

X. Force Majeure

XI. Liability - Applicable Law – Competent Court

XII. Reclamations

XIII. Privacy Policy

XIV. Request for Information or Querie


The following are the main steps to making an online booking:

(i) First Step: Selection of the service Enter your rental criteria in the online booking form including rental dates and rental locations.

(ii) Second Step: Touring Cars’ offer of available vehicle types based on the criteria you provided in the First Step. You can browse different categories of vehicles and select the one matching your needs best.

(iii) Third Step: You are provided with the selection of optional services.

(iv) Fourth Step: signing in / creating an account / continuing as a guest

(v) Fifth Step: Touring Cars’ order information and summary.

  • Based on the criteria you provide Touring Cars will provide you with an offer matching your needs in the form of a detailed summary. The “offer" is legally defined as: a service which includes a selected vehicle category available for a chosen duration with selected options (if any), a rate which should be prepaid, and terms and conditions.
  • Acceptance of the offer: You will be asked to accept the Touring Cars’ offer.
  • Confirmation: You will then be asked to confirm this acceptance by payment (minimum 200 € / 2000 SEK / 2000 NOK / 170 GBP as non-refundable reservation payment).
  • Touring Cars’ notification: Touring Cars will send you a confirmation by email, including the reservation number. The confirmation notice will include the details of your reservation.


At the end of the booking process, you will be taken to the “Reservation Confirmation” page. After confirming by payment, you will receive a confirmation email containing the details of your reservation as a “PDF” attachment. Please, keep this “Car Rental Voucher” to your records and prepare to present it when you arrive to pick your rental vehicle up.


Booking Date:

  • Online bookings are accepted latest 72 hours before rental start.
  • Online bookings can be accepted up to 18 months in advance. - Bookings with departures closer than 72 hours can be requested directly from the relevant rental station, or Touring Cars’ International Sales Office.
  • Booking requests for departures more than 18 months away, can be requested only from Touring Cars’ International Sales Office at

Minimum Rental Duration: - The minimum rental period is 1 day (exceptional hourly rentals may be available in selected stations upon a special request). 1 rental day is interpreted as a calendar day. Vehicle collection and return is included during office hours from 8:00 to 18:00 by appointment, other times are available by appointment and subject to additional fee for “Out-of-Office-Hours service”. The “Out-of-Office-Hours service” fee is automatically included in the rental total, when times are selected outside office hours from 8:00 to 18:00.

Maximum Rental Duration: - Limited only based on the availability of the vehicle.


Your Touring Cars’ rental quote includes all mandatory charges corresponding to your reservation criteria. This quote generally includes the following items:

  • Reservation processing and exclusive customer service
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Pre-rental basic interior cleaning
  • Technical checkup
  • Airport and airport-based hotel transfers (airport transfers must be booked with precise arrival flight details and estimated arrival time)
  • Familiarization with motorhome done by professional introduction.
  • Delivery and collection 7 days a week, between 8:00 and 18:00, by appointment.
  • Holiday guidebooks and informative brochures about the holiday destination can be collected at the pickup station.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance to ensure carefree and safe holiday.
  • Modern rental vehicles – for more information, please, refer to Vehicle categories
  • Taxes - the fees include value added tax and other official charges applicable at the location of the rental station.
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Compulsory traffic insurance against loss or damage (compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance)
  • Collision insurance with TC Basic deductible per accident. For more information, please, refer to Collision insurance coverage
  • Cookware and tableware
  • Electricity cable for camping sites and water hose/can for freshwater refill
  • Each vehicle is supplied with instruction booklets.
  • Navigation
  • Winter tires according to weather conditions and law obligations
  • Road toll surcharges for pickups taking place in Touring Cars Norwegian rental stations.

The excess amount of “TC Basic” displayed at the time of reservation indicates the maximum amount of money you are liable of having available on your account, in the event of damage to or theft of the vehicle. This excess amount (personal liability coverage) may be waived by purchasing optional additional protection at time of booking, or at the rental pickup.

For more information, please, refer to Deductible reductions and reimbursement.

The list of these changes is printed on the reservation confirmation. The rates are guaranteed for the rental associated with the confirmed booking.

If there is an error in the price that is visible at the website, or in the booking process, motorhome rental shall be cancelled if it can be assumed that a customer should understand that there is a mistake in the price. 

Additional charges to your basic rental rate may include:

  • Additional driver charge: when there is more than one driver associated with a rental, the second, or subsequent driver is referred to as the additional driver. There may be a charge applied for each, or all additional drivers.
  • Any additional equipment: please review the list of extra items and services on your booking step 3.
  • After hour service (“Out-of-Office-Hours service”): if you select the pickup or return of the vehicle outside the normal opening hours, “After hours service” (“Out-of-Office-Hours service”) may be added to the invoice. Please, refer to the confirmation page and the summary of your reservation.
  • Any fine issued by a relevant authority during the rental period (e.g., traffic violation fines, or parking fines)
  • Road toll fees
  • Damages & Theft: up to the limit of the selected Deductible level (self-risk), excluding negligent acts, e.g., driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving without a valid driver’s license, in which case charges will be up to the total value of the damage caused, without an upper limit.


A. Payment

Online booking - Prepayment of reservation (partial or full payment): When opting for "prepaid rate(s)" online, minimum of 200 € /2000 SEK / 2000 NOK / 170 GBP reservation payment will be required at the time of booking. Registration is required when choosing the partial pay-ment option. The reservation payment assures your reservation´s validity, and the rest of the payment will be requested 45 days before your vehicle rental starts. Each reservation will be confirmed with an elec-tronic confirmation letter. All payments are due 45 days before pickup. For bookings made closer than 45 days prior to departure, full payment is due immediately.

IMPORTANT: If the reservation, or any part of it, remains unpaid by the time of the vehicle checkout, Tour-ing Cars reserves the right to refuse the vehicle handover fully, or some part of the reservation’s services, and therefore to terminate the reservation in full, or partly.

B. Means of payment

Accepted payment methods are Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Bookings made online can only be paid with the above-mentioned methods. Bank transactions or payments via PayPal are accepted for book-ings made for the customer manually by the Touring Cars International Sales Office.

  • Credit card(s)

Warning: Payment using credit card(s) is (are) accepted in accordance with the limits authorized by your credit card issuer.

  • Debit card(s):

Warning: Debit card(s) is (are) NOT accepted at time of online reservation, except "Visa Electron" card(s) that is (are) sufficient for online payments.

Accepted credit cards at the rental stations are Visa and MasterCard. Payments at the rental stations for possible additional items or services can also be completed with most debit cards and Visa Electron.

  • In general, cash or cheque payments are not accepted at Touring Cars rental stations.

C. Deposit - Transaction authorization

  • At the time of Checkout (handover process of the vehicle): Touring Cars holds the amount (the "Deposit") corresponding to customer’s deductible level (CDW) with customer’s authorisation and requests an electronic authorization from the card holder's issuing bank.
  • The authorization procedure allows Touring Cars to receive the protection of the authorized amount before the start of the rental period. It confirms that the card holder's bank account is valid and with the available spending limit corresponding to the deductible amount, in case of any damage to the vehicle during the rental period.
  • Furthermore, a valid credit card is necessary at the start of the rental with daily limit corresponding to the deductible (self-risk) level selected. Accepted credit cards at rental stations are Visa and MasterCard.
  • The amount of deposit stays valid for the length of the rental agreement period.
  • The amount of deposit subject to authorization is expressly mentioned on the rental agreement.
  • At the time of "Check-in" (returning the vehicle): the authorization from customer’s credit card is released or cancelled in full at vehicle Check-in (the end of the rental) when no charges apply to the rental after the return of the vehicle.
  • If the amount for the service at the time of “Check-in” (the end of the rental) exceeds the amount originally charged for the rental services at “Checkout” (the beginning of the rental), Touring Cars holds the right to collect the missing funds up to the authorized amount by applying a charge from the customer’s credit card.


For important information concerning age limits, driving licenses and other requested documents, please, refer to page Guide for motorhome rentals.


In case of amendment or cancellation of the booking, please, contact Touring Cars International Sales Office.

In case of cancellation or shortening confirmed reservations, the charges will be applied as follows from the value of the motorhome holiday:

  • minimum of 200 € / 2000 NOK / 2000 SEK / 170 GBP will be charged if a confirmed booking is can-celled
  • 29 days to 22 days prior to departure: 25 % of the total amount
  • 21 days to 16 days prior to departure: 50 % of the total amount
  • 15 days to 1 day prior to departure: 100 % of the total amount
  • departure day or no-show: 100 % of the total amount

Touring Cars reserves the right to instantly release and resell the reserved motorhome upon receiving the information about a no-show, or upon receiving the definitive cancellation.

You can view your reservation online after it is confirmed, however, all amendments to the booking, as well as cancellation of the booking should be requested from Touring Cars International Sales Office. In case of reducing days, items or services from a fully prepaid reservation, modification/cancellation fees may apply to the reduced portion of rental. Extending fully paid reservations or adding extra items/services to a reservation is always free of charge, and no amendment fee will be applied.

Touring Cars provides Cancellation Protection service for carefree booking and holiday planning. When this additional service is selected to the booking, customer is allowed to cancel the booking without any particular reason, and the value of the rental will be refunded to customer. Cancellation request must be made latest 48 hours prior to departure by contacting Reservation fee (200 € / 2000

SEK / 2000 NOK / 170 £) and Cancellation Protection purchase price will not be refunded. Cancellation requests received later than 48 hours prior to departure are subject to regular cancellation policy, and the Cancellation Protection is not valid. Please, refer to Cancellation policy for more information.


  • Vehicle Checkouts and Check-ins are always agreed by an appointment with the local rental station. The rental customer is obligated to inform if there are any changes to the arrival schedule (all means of arrivals) and specified flight details stated in the rental voucher.
  • The Touring Cars rental location (pickup station) is required to provide, within a given "guaranteed period" as defined below, the requested vehicle category, or a higher-class vehicle category, as confirmed at the time of making the booking and subject to meeting renter’s rental requirements.
  • If the booked and confirmed vehicle category cannot be provided during this "guaranteed period", alternative solutions, as “upgrade”, will be applied at no additional cost to the renter. Furthermore, Touring Cars holds the right to upgrade the booked vehicle category into a higher value category without further notice.
  • Flight/train/other delay in collecting the booked and confirmed vehicle
  • In case of a failure to collect the rented vehicle, or to meet us / our shuttle service at the previously confirmed location at the specified pickup time stated in your booking’s voucher, Touring Cars accepts no responsibility for any lost rental time caused by such delays.
  • In addition, in such case, an hourly overdue fee can be applied by the rental station.
  • If the collection of the vehicle would take place during the period from 18:00 to 8:00, due to delays as aforementioned, the “Out-of-Office-Hours fee” might apply.
  • If vehicle collection due to such delay cannot be executed during the office hours (8:00-18:00) on the date of the confirmed Checkout time (beginning of the rental), Touring Cars can refuse to provide the service during “Out-of-Office” hours and propose that the vehicle collection will take place within the next day at the earliest possible time mutually agreed between the relevant rental station and the client.
  • Any delay, causing the failure to collect the vehicle at the time stated on the client’s car rental voucher, must be announced to the rental station immediately when occur.
  • Rental station details (including email address and phone number of service operating 24/7) are stated in the car rental voucher, provided to the client at the time of confirming the booking, and in Contact details page.


If the vehicle is not collected at the specified date of the vehicle collection stated in the car rental voucher (Checkout date), or latest by 10:00 a.m. the next day, and Touring Cars has not received any notice about a possible failure or delay in collecting the vehicle, or a cancellation of the reservation, Touring Cars reserves the right to release and resell the booked vehicle without further notice. For more information, please, refer to "Changes to Reservation: Modification/Cancellation Policy", paragraph VII” for cancellation fees in such cases.


Neither party shall be liable of failure in its performance hereunder caused by any case of Force Majeure. "Force Majeure" shall be considered - as defined by the applicable regulation(s) - as any uncontrollable or unforeseeable event, independent of the party suffering of the case of Force Majeure, which prevents this party from fulfilling its obligations.


Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties or the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages. Accordingly, some of the above limitations set out in this article may not apply. In particular, nothing in these terms and conditions will affect the statutory rights of any consumer or exclude or restrict any liability for death or personal injury arising from the negligence or fraud of Touring Cars. You expressly acknowledge and agree that Touring Cars, its officers, directors, or employees will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to: damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses (even if Touring Cars has been advised of the possibility of such damages), resulting from the online booking.


Any reclamation concerning the booking procedure, or any stage of it, or aspect of it, shall be sent by email to Touring Cars International Sales Office.

Any reclamation concerning the vehicle Checkout (handover process – beginning of the rental) at the relevant rental station, or the vehicle itself, or any event related to the rental or vehicle itself, that has occurred during the confirmed rental period, or at the vehicle Check-in (returning process – end of the rental), shall be sent by email to the rental station. Please, refer to specific rental station’s contact details in our Contact page.

Any reclamation shall be sent either to Touring Cars International Sales office, or the relevant rental station as soon as possible, or latest within 2-month period after the confirmed rental has taken place, in order to be taken into consideration by Touring Cars.

Any malfunction or technical fault or accident of the vehicle during the rental period shall be reported to the relevant Touring Cars rental station immediately. Please, refer to the General Rental Terms and Conditions, part 5.


Please, refer to our privacy policy for more information. 

XIV. Request for Information or Queries

If you need additional information on your booking and for any query prior to your arrival at the Touring Cars’ location, please, contact the reservation service centre at “Touring Cars International Sales Office”.