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Exceed customers' expectations and serve them with a modified, trendy service range easily reachable through your sales platforms. You and your customers deserve only the best. Touring Cars provide standardized premium holiday services and high-end recreational vehicles to enable active, relaxing, and sustainable holiday experiences in Europe. You and your customers can rely on us. Our concept has been tested among global end-customers of 75 nationalities and with over 120 satisfied sales partners worldwide in 4 decades.

The popularity of motorhome road trip traveling and motorhoming as an intimate on-spot camping type has grown exponentially in recent years. It has become a desired lifestyle and travel option among friend groups, couples, and families in all age groups as it provides a wide range of opportunities to experience more on their journeys and enjoy a home-like self-sustained accommodation. Motorhoming has become a trendy option not just as it provides a flexible and convenient way to travel far across borders, but also to enjoy leisure time safely and intimately in a home country without having to encounter masses of people.

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Serve your customers with a trendy travel option which gives a perfect synergy to your current service portfolio.



Why Touring Cars Partnership in European Destinations?

  • Choose a modern collaboration with a trendy product: API connection on web site to manage live availability and rentals 24/7
  • Enjoy easy trusted partnership: Continuous personal sales support is provided at all stages of the process with a prompt response time
  • Utilize additional fringe benefits for your employees: Some additional services and items provided free of charge for your employees with their personal bookings 
  • Take use of an excellent business-related gift option for your partners and business stakeholders
  • Expand sales collaboration into wider partnership: Possibility for a mutually beneficial, wider partnership program




Touring Cars’ extensive range of holiday destinations and road trip starting points spans from the rustic beauty of the Nordics to the diversity of the United Kingdom.

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Motorhome Categories

Our premium category fleet is kept fresh and well-maintained exclusively to provide a safe, smooth, carefree, and enjoyable holiday in Europe. Outstanding top-notch campers accommodate conveniently solo travelers, couples, friends, and families. Vehicles can be customized with a wide range of additional items to meet individual needs.

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Dive into the top-notch motorhoming, trendy lifestyle and the easy-going travel type. 

Motorhome Lifestyle

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Provide more options for your customers to enjoy their time and experience unforgettable moments.



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Reliability and customer satisfaction as well as quality and safety has been at the heart of Touring Cars' rental motorhome holiday services since 1982. Over the years, we have been collaborating with many global travel business organizations, airline companies, and other tourism business-related organizations. Currently, we have an active collaboration with over 120 sales partners worldwide. Our certified, customer-focused services have earned an incredible grade of 4,5 out of 5, according to our recent partner survey.

As our business is expanding in Europe and our service chain is growing, we are constantly looking for new partnerships to provide travelers with more integrated and wider services in Europe to make their holiday more exciting and convenient.

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Contact our International Sales Office and ask for more information on Free Try-out Rentals for potential partners. 

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