Aurora Borealis attracts in the Nordics


Time for natural magics...

Magical Northern Lights begin to appear in the dark sky of the northern parts of the globe. Actually, those lights are always present, but this colourful phenomenon can been seen only when the sky is dark and clear enough.

This spectacular show of colours ranging from neon green to a violet and blue attracts romantic hungry couples, outdoor sports travellers and families to the Northern Europe during autumn and wintertime to enjoy this fairy-tale phenomenon in the sky. And what would be easier than renting a luxurious, fully-equipped motorhome for this adventure. 

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights, Polar Lights) represents a wide range of beliefs and aspirations already from ancient times. The name is derived from ancient stories: Aurora as the Roman goddess of dawn and Boreas as the Greek name for the north wind. According to (Future Us Inc a published of special media platforms), illustrations of the Northern Lights have been found even in 30.000 years old cave paintings in France. No wonder dancing and twirling colours in the sky is considered as a mystical and attractive phenomenon.



What causes this fascinating natural phenomenon?

When great storms occur on the sun, 93million miles away from earth, charged solar particles spread across space. When those electrically charged molecules passes our planet’s magnetic field and atmosphere, this chemical collision is causing those small atoms to lighten up.

The Aurora often appears as curtains of lights, but you can also find figures of arcs or spirals. According to EarthSky (, mostly this chemical reaction in the atmosphere occurs in green, but the colours could also vary from pink, yellow, blue, violet, red and occasionally orange and white.


northerb lights over a forest


Best time and place to spot the Polar Lights

According to (Future Us Inc a published of special media platforms), the Northern Lights are always present, but the best time to see them is late autumn or wintertime due to lower levels of light pollution and the clear, dark sky. Aurora Borealis is usually perceived as winter phenomenon in the Nordics, but you can spot the lights already in September, October to March and April in the northernmost parts of Europe.

To spot those natural lights, you should head out to the countryside, away from city lights. Once darkness falls, the Aurora can be visible at any time of day, but the best times often seem to be between 9 pm and 2 am. However, clouds and snowfall prevent from seeing the phenomenon.

This colourful show does not appear every day, its intensity varies and the show lasts from few to 30 minutes time. To witness these dancing curtains in the sky, you need to stay outdoors for a while. And if you are lucky to spot them, just enjoy this brief unique moment. The Aurora forecast service help you to succeed in chasing this natural phenomenon.

Complete your adventure by exploring the breathtaking ice caves and glaciers in Iceland or cozy Christmas markets in Sweden and Norway. Do not miss an authentic Finnish sauna for a complete Northern experience!

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Motorhome rental in Scandinavia

camper van under sky of aurora borealis




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