Off-season motorhome travel in Sweden

Off-season motorhome travel in Sweden

Natural wonderland awaits

Enjoy outdoors in a fresh autumn air amidst sounds of a nature. Explore Sweden with us.

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Sweden is a culture-rich country that has been inhabited since the Stone Age and its history to the present day includes many essential eras… starting from one of the indigenous people groups of the world, the Samis in the North; and the brutal but also master craft skilled expedition traders, Vikings, as well as the Hanseatic League, the medieval commercial confederation of merchants with its dominant trading; and Kalmar Union which brought the kingdoms of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark together under a single monarch for about 120 years; not to forget Sweden's Empire era with power domination over Baltic Sea when Finland and current Baltic states were also part of Sweden; to the modern political formation of parliamentary monarchy and present day with its dynamic diverse economy and strengths in many professional fields such as in sports, music, innovations, and global trade. To read more about Sweden, please visit

Geographically, Sweden is divided into three major land parts: Götaland in the south with its 10 provinces where almost half of the Sweds live; Svealand in South-central Sweden which represents the country’s historical core; and Norrland in the north which covers almost 60% of total land area in Sweden but is the least populated compared to the other two regions.

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But where is Lapland located?

Lapland is the Northernmost region in Scandinavia located largely within the Arctic Circle in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. This mountainous region is not just a winter wonderland or a paradise for skiers. This pure natural wonderland offers adventures and relaxation for outdoor enthusiasts all year round.

In the summertime, you can enjoy the beauty, purity, and silence of this rugged northern nature but also sense an unreal feeling the midnight sun causes in your body. You can go hiking, biking, paddling, or fishing at any time of the day you just wish because the sun never sets down during the summer months in Northern Europe. However, the brightest midnight (Polar Day) can be experienced best in Lapland, in Arctic Circle areas.

Already starting from September, another nature wonder, Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), those colorful dancing waves of light can be spotted on a clear dark sky in slightly chilly weather while enjoying your autumn road trip far away from city lights, urban noise, and crowded places. There are many Aurora Borealis alert sites available online that provide short-term forecasts of where to spot this natural phenomenon caused by solar wind and solar flares as a geomagnetic disturbance in our atmosphere. Please try e.g. Space Weather Prediction Center.

Did you know that opposite to Lapland's midnight brightness in summer, there will be also a dark period in wintertime? This phenomenon is called Polar Night. The longest darkness period can be experienced in the Northernmost part of Finland, Sweden, and Norway where the sun will remain below the horizon already from the end of November, and the sun will rise again after 52 days. This soft 24/7 darkness constitutes one element of experiencing a magical winter wonderland and natural relaxation, possible naturally only in the Nordic countries - including Iceland.

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Deep dive into a winter wonderland and Polar Night feelings only Nordic countries would offer....

....Imagine the setting for a natural relaxation you can experience on your holiday ....

Dim indirect light flares reflecting off a white snow.....Adventurous outdoor activities and safaris while warmly dressed and properly geared...picnic by the campfire when all you can only hear is some crackles of a fire, a little breath of wind and a crunch of snow under your well as to widen up your senses, you can smell a fresh, dry frosty air spiced with nuances of fire, soot and your delicious drink and fresh grilled picnic dish you are just about to enjoy by the campfire... and in the evening a romantic occasion by candlelight ...relaxing and bathing in a hot schedules nor worries.....

After all those experiences, no wonder your body naturally calms down in the evening and settles gradually for a good, deep, and restorative sleep to enjoy another adventurous sense-rich day on your relaxing holiday in the Nordics.

If you want to read more about Lapland, please visit and

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What to do in Sweden on a motorhome holiday?

First, if you stay in Stockholm before or after your road trip with us, we have recommended some airport hotels for you which are only 20 minutes away from the city center, easily reachable by an express train. From those hotels, you are entitled to get free transport to our local rental station on a pickup and drop-off day. For more information, please visit the county page.

Do you want to head your steering wheel into Sothe uth (Götaland) or in the Middle of Sweden (Svealand)? Then take a look at our pre-defined road trip option.

Route: in Southern & Middle Sweden

If want to head for Norrland, how about a hiking & biking holiday at a ski resort?

Caravan and camping services can be found in all ski resort areas throughout the year in Sweden, such as in the neighboring country, Finland. Ski resorts are all-year-round activity areas.

In Norrland, you can head your way to Åre which offers a diverse range of mind-blowing hiking routes. If you want to explore these mountain surroundings with a wider approach, rent a mountain bike from one of the local bike rental companies and choose the trail that suits you the best. For more details on local activities, please visit

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How to reach Åre from Stockholm?

Åre is located about a 7-hour drive from Touring Cars Stockholm rental station. When you consider a route, one option is to choose a coastal route and visit a few pit stops like Gävle, Söderhamn, Hudiskvall, Sundsvall, and Östersund on your way to the final destination, Åre.

After a full orientation at our TC station, turn a steering wheel from Arlandastad towards road E4. After driving 1,5h from our rental station, we recommend stopping in Gävle which is the oldest city in Norrland. Park your motorhome and take a walking tour around it. 

Then your next stop could be Söderhamn which is just a one-hour drive from Gävle. There you can see a nice historical landmark, the Oscarsborg Tower. We suggest you contact them before visiting as their opening hours might change a bit. 

Only 45 minutes drive from Söderhamn is located vivid Hudiksvall on a beautiful coastline. We recommend enjoying its archipelago area and idyllic fishing villages.

Then after a 1,5h drive from Hudiksvall is located a historical but also currently important industrial hub, Sundsvall, but then turn your wheels towards E14 and to Östersund. After a 2,5h drive, you will arrive at this active town which is located on the shores of Sweden’s fifth largest lake, Storsjön. Please check their offering for off-season travelers:

Whenever you want to park and stay a night, you can find the nearest campsite from online platforms: or /

Alternatively, find a suitable parking spot or place for basic caravan services by using the Park4night mobile application (App Store & Google Play). 

From Östersund there is only a 1,5h drive to Åre, a year-round activity area. You can camp there at Åre Camping site. Please visit their site and book your stay in advance.

After a relaxing stay in the surroundings of Åre resort, try another route, via E45 while heading back to Stockholm. Along this route, you can visit many small villages. If you want to enjoy incredible nature once more, please visit Sonfjälle national park before heading down to Stockholm. 

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Enjoy Good Feelings holiday with us 

Would you like to enjoy a road trip in Sweden? Please visit our vehicle categories pages to read and see more about TC motorhomes to choose the best setting for your travel group. Basic guidelines for vehicle booking can be found on our general rental info pages.

Whether you need any additional guidance, please do not hesitate to contact our international sales office (service in English) by phone, or email, or online chat.

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