Tips before you go to Iceland

Tips before you go to Iceland

Tips for a Road Trip in Iceland 

We have collected some tips on what to consider when traveling in Iceland.

Iceland is a unique place to visit. A rental camper is key to the freedom to see as much as you wish with your terms and based on your schedules. Additionally, you will have all relevant gear and nature protective infra in a vehicle to enjoy a safe, convenient, and nature-caring road trip. 


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Beware of rapidly changing weather conditions 

Spring break, early summer, or early autumn are perfect times to travel and explore this spectacular destination without crowds and to enjoy the holiday at lower prices. Just a little more cautious and proper multi-layered clothing is needed. But also on your summer road trip, please remember that weather in Iceland can change rapidly, and heavy wind conditions can occur throughout the year.

The spring weather in Iceland is a mixture of sunshine, rain, and snow. The average daytime temperature in April varies from +0°C to +10°C, but night temperature can drop below freezing point. So be cautious especially when driving early in the morning or late in the evening as roads could be slippery. In summer, the weather is between +10 to +15°C and it rains occasionally. This destination is always windy so please remember to pack decent clothing to enjoy outdoor life at its best. 

In Iceland, the Northern Light season (the time when magical waves color the dark sky) occurs from September to April which is the longest period compared to other Nordic countries thanks to its northmost location. In the summertime, Nordic countries have the phenomenon of the Midnight sun. The sun does not set below the horizon at all during the whole day which is the opposite of the mystical darkness period you can witness in the Nordics in wintertime.  

Sunrise in April occurs already around 6.45 AM and sunset a bit after 8.00 PM. But the length of a day increases rapidly in spring, about 3 hours in a month towards summer. Especially when driving at hazy or evening dusk in rural areas, watch out for animals crossing the road or when spotting them staying on the side of the road. Springtime is the season for the lambs to be born. Their behavior is unpredictable when a vehicle is approaching.


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Some tips for your motorhome holiday

It's also good to take into account that gravel roads are often narrow, especially when driving with a large camper. Rocky roads are also more slippery than paved roads in all conditions due to loose material. Note also that flying rocks can easily break the motorhome's windshield. 

Stay on the official road network. It is prohibited to drive off-roads because it can easily cause damage to fragile nature. Wild camping is not allowed in Iceland either. Campers can stay a night on a camping site or privately owned land with the owner’s permission. The pricing might vary from 1.500ISK (about 10€) to 2.500ISK (17€)  per person/night. Usually, children under the age of 12 are not charged. However, additional services like electricity or the use of a shower and washing machine might be excluded from the overnight stay fee.

Wherever you travel, follow Leave No Trace principles at all times to protect fragile nature. Avoid disturbing wildlife, take all your trash with you on your hiking, and empty vehicle infra (trash, grey water, and sanitation) only at the special infra service points built for them. 

Touring Cars Keflavik provides tablet devices with a WIFI connection as a complimentary service. You can find there a Friend APP that helps you to plan a road trip by choosing ready-made routes, checking nearby camping sites and local services, and also infra-service spots. The mobile application includes also these relevant links for your holiday: 


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Pack multi-layered clothing

You can enjoy the outdoors in all weather conditions when wearing proper clothing.  Due to unpredictable weather throughout the year in Iceland, choose waterproof and windproof outerwear clothing with you, including jackets, pants, and shoes. Remember to pack also warm layers such as thermal underwear and even thicker interlayers. Do not forget warm socks, gloves, and headgear.

When you wear multi-layered clothing, it is easy to remove and add more clothing when weather conditions change on your expedition in nature or while spending time with a sports activity. 

Still in the summertime, the temperature can drop quickly in the evenings and at higher altitudes. Additionally, strong winds can occur throughout the year in Iceland. Even in summer, you can easily get cold in windy weather if you are not wearing a proper outfit.

And finally. Remember to take your swimsuit with you whenever you are traveling. There are a lot of places to stop and enjoy a healing moment. You can choose from glorious to more nature-like geothermal pools or bathe in a hot river. 


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Dramatic and unique landscape awaits your visit

Iceland is one of those once-in-a-lifetime travel destinations. To enjoy a safe, responsible, and nature-caring holiday, take a moment to plan and familiarize yourself with local offerings and instructions.

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