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Explore Northeast Europe with a rental motorhome

Enjoy the authentic spirit and easy-going lifestyle on your road trip through the Baltic countries.

The Baltic countries are a mixture of unique atmospheres from the historical time of the Hanseatic League to the easy-going and vivid modern lifestyle.

We recommend you visit all three small countries on your Baltic tour. Roads are in good condition and distances are short. Your high-quality rental motorhome will take you easily through the small rural villages and allows you to stop and enjoy untouched nature without a need to compromise on comfort. 

Book a relaxing holiday with ease and good vibes. Just enjoy this genuine and unique region in Europe. 

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For more information on the weather forecast in this destination, please, visit the website of the national meteorological institute of Estonia

Choose an unforgettable Good Feelings holiday with a camper!

Currently, we have a Baltic rental station in Tallinn Estonia which serve tourists all year round. Our Riga pick-up and drop-off spot will be open on special requests only.

There are daily flight connections from most European airports to Tallinn. After your arrival, Touring Cars´ personnel will meet you at the airport terminal and our shuttle service will take you to our motorhome rental station.

After a full orientation to your state-of-the-art rental vehicle, receiving local travel tips, and unpacking your belongings at your camper, you´re ready to hit the roads.

Full Service

We are committed to making your motorhome rental holiday carefree and memorable. In addition to the latest well-equipped rental camper models and welcoming and professional customer service from start to finish, you will be provided with free-of-charge airport transfer services from Tallinn Airport, and a 24/7 service number to your rental station for any motorhome-related questions you may have during your holiday. Our high-quality service even includes a camper replacement service in case of any severe malfunction situations so you can truly travel without needing to worry about such unlikely situations.


Road trip through the eastern regions of Estonia

We always recommend spending one day in the arrival city to sense the spirit of the modern capital area which offers a broad range of activities, interesting events, and historical sites to visit. Consider stopping by Tallinn before or after your journey with us. Read more destination information: 

When you are heading outside Tallinn, you have three options to take. When you take road E20 towards Narva, you can sense the vibes of the Gulf of Finland in the North part of Estonia. If you are eager to hike, we recommend stopping by Lahemaa Rahvuspark (national park) before heading to Narva, a border town next to Russia. Enjoy this Slavik town which is an incredible mixture of Estonian and Russian cultures and its diverse offering for visitors. Read more destination information: 

When you are ready to continue your road trip to the south, choose road E264 which will take you via Iisaku to Mustvee. This old town was established already in 1343 and is located next to Lake Peipus which is the largest transboundary lake in Europe, located between Estonia and Russia.

When you continue your drive on E264 you will arrive in Tartu, the second-largest city in Estonia. Tartu was mentioned in historical records already in 1030 making it the oldest city in the Baltic States. Tartu is also known for its University back in the 17th century. Nowadays this vibrant city offers a broad range of events, activities, and historical spots to its visitors. You can sense the unique mixture of modern lifestyle with the down-to-earth way of living but also its lively cultural scene. Read more destination information: 

If you do not want to visit Narva and you prefer a shorter way from Tallinn to Tartu, choose a highway E263. Along the way, you will find some great national parks to visit: Mahtra in the North and Alam-Pedja Reservaat near Tartu. Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve is the largest nature reserve in Estonia and it is open all year round for relaxing visits. Read more destination information: 

To find camping site in Estonia, we recommend on using online service of Visit Estonia.

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Cross borders to the eastern part of Latvia

When you want to continue your journey, you can choose either E264 through Valga or the eastern route via Võru (E263 and E77) to arrive in Latvia. 

The eastern part of Latvia is an exciting region because of its versatility and authenticity. The area is rich in culture and old traditions. Strong references to the Catholic religion, typical for this region can be seen and sensed in many places but it is best known for the multiple lakes and postcard-like beautiful nature.

If you are eager for hiking and short-day trips to nature, consider visiting Lubana wetland, a nature reserve area around the biggest lake in Latvia. Read more destination information 

Nature lovers should make a pit stop also in the Rāzna National Park. This national park was established in 2007 to protect the second largest lake in Latvia called Rāzna and Ežezers, an amazingly beautiful lake that has at least 33 islands. Read more destination information

Choose one of the rustic local camping sites to stay overnight and enjoy the evening around the campfire. Camping sites are also good places to chat with fellow caravanners to get the latest travel tips. Read more information on Visit Latvia: 

Before driving across borders to Lithuania, spend a day in a Daugavpils. The city, with Dinaburgas Castle located at its center, was founded by the Livonian Order back in the 12th century. Park your motorhome and visit this amazing historical place. Read more destination information:

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Enjoy your time in Lithuania

When it is time to move on, continue driving E262 and shortly you are in Lithuania and driving its local road A6.

First, we recommend visiting Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. One of the must-visit sites is Gediminas' tower of the upper castle representing the nation itself. This iconic landmark is the major symbol of the city of Vilnius. Hundreds of local restaurants provide you with the perfect opportunity to taste local delicacies so use the opportunity and indulge yourself in Lithuanian cuisine.

In 2023, they are celebrating the 700th anniversary of Vilnius. This means this vibrant and easygoing city will offer even more to visitors this summer. Read more destination information: 

After heading outside Vilnius, choose a road E85 to visit Kaunas, the second biggest city in Lithuania and the former capital of the country. The local must-see place is the medieval fortress. Also, areas around the Nemunas and Neris rivers are very nice places to spend time and relax.

During the busiest tourist months, it might be difficult to find a suitable parking place near the entrance to the castle, so we recommend parking and leaving a motorhome further away and taking a nice walk to feel the local atmosphere. Read more destination information:

After a cultural day, turn your wheels to Klaipeda on A1. Next to Klaipeda starts a very narrow land area, Curorian Spit one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. This unique, dune builds a lagoon settlement in front of the Russian and Lithuanian coastlines and should include into your list of must-see places. In Lithuania, this area is also called Grobštas Nature Reserve. Read more destination information: 

To choose a camping site along your journey in Lithuania, please visit

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Back to Latvia

If you are not in hurry yet, choose a seaside road from Klaipeda Lithuania to Ventspils Latvia. Ventspils a Latvian port city on the Baltic Sea is a very nice old town which has a lot to offer. If you want to enjoy activities with your children in a family-friendly town read more:

The next exciting area to visit would be Riga, the capital of Latvia, and its surroundings. If you do not want to drive with a motorhome to Riga, you can park your motorhome in Jurmala and take a local train to the city center. Jurmala is a popular vacation area in this country and it offers an incredible beach area. This is a region where you can easily spend a few days just relaxing on a beach and at a time visit an urban city to enjoy shopping, nice restaurants, and visit cultural spots.

Riga's architecture derives from the 800-year-old Gothic period, and with its medieval buildings, beautiful Art Nouveau style, and wooden old town, it is a true pearl of architecture. In addition to the beautiful architecture and surroundings, Riga offers a vast selection of things to see and do for active people. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, horse lover, or spa person, Riga has something for you.

Read more destination information: and and


Heading back to Tallinn from the Western regions of Estonia

If you chose road E67 away from Riga, you will drive near the sea coastline. Remember to stop at times to smell and sense the breeze from the Gulf of Riga. 

You might not even notice when you cross the border to Estonia and arrive at Pärnu one of the most popular holiday destinations in Estonia. Pärnu is known for its spa services. But if you are eager for a hike, we suggest considering Soomaa and Matsalu national parks. Read more destination information: 

When you continue your drive from Pärnu, you can either take the shortest route to Tallinn (via E67) or if you have some travel days left, we recommend heading to Saaremaa and or Hiiumaa which are the largest islands of Estonia. Read more destination information on Saaremaa: and Hiiumaa:

Before you drive to back Tallinn, we suggest visiting two more interesting places.

Historical Rummu is a former quarry and is currently covered in water. As this is one the most popular spots to visit shortly also from Tallinn, you might face challenges in finding parking space for a motorhome on the busiest summer month right next to the spot. But be patient. This crystal clear light blue lagoon is worth a short visit. Read more destination information:

Before turning your way to Road 8 to Tallinn, turn your wheels to the left to visit Türisalu. This small village offers you a completely different sea view from the Türisalu limestone cliffs. Most of the coastline has been very low along your journey but now you end up looking down from the edge of 30m high steep slopes. Read more destination information:

Busy traffic on E67

This road between Tallinn Estonia and Riga Latvia is always very popular. There are a lot of vehicles, also heavy trucks on the road. On Baltic roads, they might take rather quick and last-minute overtakes by smaller vehicles. With a rental motorhome, remember to stay on the right-hand side of the lane to give enough space for faster overtaking vehicles.