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How to book rv campers and camper vans?

  1. Go to our front page 
  2. Change a language if you prefer other than English
  3. Select the most convenient dates for you to travel (start & end days)
  4. Choose the starting point for your road trip (country + rental station) 
  5. Press 'Real time availability & prices', the yellow button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Select the best suitable vehicle for your needs by pressing yellow button 'Choose this vehicle'
  7. Press 'Continue booking', the yellow button at the bottom of the page.
  8. Select the additional services and items to customize your journey (such as pet cleaning fee or gas bottle replacements)
  9. Press 'Confirm booking', the yellow button at the bottom of the page.
  10. Create an account and sign in (in case of a partial payment & travel data modifications).
  11. Fill in the needed information for the order.
  12. Choose payment method.
  13. And finally, press 'Send' yellow button and - Congrats! - your booking have just been confirmed.

Online Purchasing terms

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All our motorhome rental services in Europe are conducted and managed according to our General rules and Conditions.

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Book Now and Pay Later

With our flexible payment option, you can reserve a premium campervan for your holiday with a down payment of 170 GBP/ 200 EUR/ 2,000 NOK/ 2,000 SEK and pay the remaining amount 45 days prior to your first rental day.

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With Touring Cars rental motorhome, you are allowed to drive freely in the Nordic countries. Driving outside of the Nordic countries is permitted only in case this permission has been granted at the time of booking by Touring Cars.

Client is obligated to ask approval from the rental station when the vehicle is planned to be taken outside the destination country.

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It is one of the great advantages of camping car travelling to be able to see so much more. It is often possible to cross country borders, but the rentee is always obligated to ask for permission from Touring Cars when travelling outside the country where the rental station is located. Travelling outside the country where you picked up your rental motorhome will also have an effect on the coverage of your insurance deductibles. Special insurance requirements ought to be followed. Rental stations hold the right to limit the deductible to TC Plus in case the camper is driven outside the country where the rental station is located.

For motorhomes travelling outside their country of origin, a special validity certificate for insurance called Green Card is required. It takes a few days to get this document so, please, inform us well in advance of all plans to drive outside the country where you will pick up your rental motorhome. Additional traffic insurance may be required when entering some countries. If so, it may be bought at customs when crossing the border.

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Traveling to Russia, Belarus or Ukraine is not allowed under any circumstances with Touring Cars Rental Motorhomes rented from Europe. Traveling to Eastern European countries is allowed for rental vehicles taken from Tallinn and Riga rental stations, and when traveling from other rental stations, you will need a special permission. Exceptional insurance may apply to traveling in Eastern European countries.

Client is obligated to ask approval from the rental station when the vehicle is planned to be taken outside the destination country.


A unique way to explore two or more countries during one holiday!

With one-way rentals, you have the possibility to return the motorhome to a different location than where the pickup took place. All one-way rentals include two full gas bottles and you do not need to add this extra item to your booking.

Although, keep in mind that one-way rentals are subject to an additional fee starting from 900 EUR (2024). The one-way fee depends on the pickup and drop-off location. To check one-way availability and one-way fee, please, proceed to our booking engine. The total prices that you will see in the booking engine already include the one-way fee.

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Camper rental price is formed from the base charge and the daily rental prices. Each calendar day will be charged.

Our camper rental stations are open daily from 8:00 - 18:00. As one of the most flexible rental companies we are happy to provide our motorhome rental services at any time of the day in case needed. However, it's good to note that additional fees may apply if either the pickup or the drop off of the rental camper takes place outside these office hours.

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  • No minimum camper rental period
  • Unlimited rental mileage 
  • You can pick up or drop off your rental camper by agreed appointment between 08.00 - 18.00 seven days a week. 24/7 rental services are also available, but additional fees and/or limitations may apply depending on the destination country.
  • 24/7 phone camper service for all roadside questions
  • Rental camper replacement service in case of any major malfunction
  • VIP airport transfer services for all guests – without additional price. Service is offered from/to the main airport of each destination country. Please, see the list of valid airports in the country page.
  • We provide personal customer service and introductions to your rental camper. We take as much time for customer service at the pickup and drop-off as required. Average duration of a pickup is 1-2 hours

Best value for your money

  • High quality rental camper from our fleet of new top brand quality motorhomes including special categories such as Luxury
  • Air-conditioning in a driver´s cabin - in Southern destinations air-conditioning also in a living are 
  • Navigation
  • All our camper rental prices include comprehensive insurance (excess deductible / self-liability limit applies)
  • High quality kitchen and dining ware are included. We also have a great variety of different additional items that can be booked depending on your wishes. Make your selections in the online booking.
  • Free of charge information package is provided, giving you a good insight into travelling with a camper in the destination country. This is available at the camper rental stations upon pickup.
  • Vehicle levelers in all motorhomes (tire wedges)
  • Electricity cables and water hoses


All our high quality motorhomes are fully equipped for an enjoyable holiday including:

  • Full kitchenware
  • Full tableware
  • First aid kit
  • Instant tire repair kit
  • Cleaning set
  • Multilingual instruction booklet
  • Mosquito nets
  • Blinders 
  • Vehicles equipped with awning at no additional costs (excl. Iceland, subject to availability)
  • 20 A / 12 V and 220 V / 230 V outlets
  • Electricity cable
  • GPS navigation
  • Vehicle leveling blocks
  • Two full gas bottles*

Touring Cars provides motorhome rentals with two full gas bottles. These as extra elements are not included in the price and can be additionally added to a booking. For further details, please, visit the page given and find out more about your motorhome.

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Additional driver

All drivers must be registered on in the rental agreement for insurance and deductible to be valid. One driver is included in all rental prices and additional drivers can be added when making a booking, after a booking is made by contacting our International Sales Office, or at the rental station during the pickup.

Late / Early service surcharge

Touring Cars rental stations are open all year round, 24/7 based on appointment in all locations. We are also happy to provide you with the camper rental services outside our office hours between 18:00 – 08:00 but these services are subject to additional pricing and availability. Our online booking engine will automatically adjust your rental price if you choose for your service to take place between 18:00 - 08:00.

Final Cleaning

We will clean the vehicle for you before your journey. When you return your rental camper back to a Touring Cars rental station, you should ensure that all rubbish is taken out from the vehicle, and the toilet cassette is emptied together with grey water tanks. We are happy to do all of that for you with a small additional price. Enjoy your holiday and leave the cleaning and basic drop-off duties to us.

Pet cleaning fee

We welcome furry family members to our rental vehicles. To ensure all clients can enjoy a spotless and allergy free vehicle, any rental camper that carried furry family members will go through a thorough cleaning and ozone treatment after the rental. This service comes with a small extra price which varies depending on the country. If you´re traveling with a pet, please select the pet cleaning fee from the booking engine.

City Transfers

To make your stay and experience with us as much hassle-free as possible, we are happy to offer you transfer services from / to downtown locations and hotels, as well as airports a bit further away. These additional pickup transfers need to be booked and prepaid, no onthe-spot payment option is available.


Our rental stations are often busy, and vehicles need several hours turnaround time for the drop-off procedure where the vehicle is carefully checked for technical condition, then thoroughly cleaned, and personally prepared for the next client. It is therefore very important that you return your rental motorhome on time. Additional fees may be charged if the motorhome is returned later than the agreed drop-off time. Touring Cars may also charge possible monetary losses from the client if their actions delay next rental of the rental camper.

If you wish to change your drop-off time, please, let us know at least 24 hours in advance and we will find alternative time slot for you if/when possible. However, due to the high number of daily rental actions, Touring Cars rental station must approve all changes you wish to make regarding the original return time.



As well as providing you with a beautiful quality rental camper, we have gathered some optional extras to choose from to make your camper holiday even more comfortable. From a camping set to child booster seats, choose the ones you need. If there is something that is not listed in the booking menu, please, contact us after the booking and we will do our best to get it for you.

Each Touring Cars rental station has a wide range of additional on-the-spot items for customizing and maximizing your holiday to another level! These items include mountain bikes, fishing sets, hairdryers, 220 V Inverters, extra cleaning sets (mini hoovers), toasters, coffee machines and camping assets which are compatible with each campervan. 




The insurance coverage is divided into two different parts: 

  • compulsory insurance
  • collision insurance 

The compulsory insurance covers all the damages or accidents to the third party caused by the driver. The collision insurance covers damages to a rental vehicle caused by an accident, fire, or theft. The collision insurance does not cover any interior damages that are not caused by a traffic accident.

NOTE: The insurance is not valid if the vehicle is being used under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, or if a damage is caused due to reckless behaviour.


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All Touring Cars rentals include collision insurance with TC Basic deductible level*. In a case of an accident caused to the rental vehicle, you would need to pay maximum the deductible per damage, per accident, per lost item, or per punitive sanction. The collision insurance covers the part of the monetary loss, which exceeds the deductible value per damage. 

*The TC Basic deductible level is:

  • 1,500 GBP for Chester rental station (UK)
  • 2,800 EUR for Helsinki and Rovaniemi rental stations (Finland), Keflavik rental station (Iceland), and Tallinn rental station (Estonia)
  • 28,000 SEK for Stockholm rental station (Sweden)
  • 30,000 NOK for Oslo and Tromso rental stations (Norway)





You can decrease the deductible level by upgrading your insurance from TC Basic to TC Plus* or TC Premium**. 

*The TC Plus deductible level is:

  • 1,000 GBP for Chester rental station (UK)
  • 1,200 EUR for Helsinki and Rovaniemi rental stations (Finland), Keflavik rental station (Iceland), and Tallinn rental station (Estonia)
  • 12,000 SEK for Stockholm rental station (Sweden)
  • 15,000 NOK for Oslo and Tromso rental stations (Norway)

**The TC Premium deductible level is:

  • 500 GBP for Chester rental station (UK)
  • 600 EUR for Helsinki and Rovaniemi rental stations (Finland), Keflavik rental station (Iceland), and Tallinn rental station (Estonia)
  • 6,000 SEK for Stockholm rental station (Sweden)
  • 8,000 NOK for Oslo and Tromso rental stations (Norway)





In the Nordic countries, gravel roads are still common in the countryside. The little stones may bounce from the vehicle in front of your windshield and leave a scar or even break it. You are liable for the replacement of an inflated tyre or the windscreen in such an unfortunate scenario unless you are covered by our “Windshield and Tyre Protection” package.  

This package covers one damage either on a windscreen or on one of the tyres. For the second or more damages, repair costs are according to normal prices. This is an additional protection package. 




The minimum reduction period for lowering deductible or “Windshield and Tyre Protection” package is 7 rental days or equivalent monetary payment. All additional drivers need to be named for the insurance to be valid.

The maximum payment for deductible reduction is 30 days period. The selected deductible level is valid for the whole rental period regardless of the rental duration. 

The vehicle insurances are valid only in Touring Cars rental station countries, vehicles cannot be taken abroad without a special agreement with Touring Cars. If you are planning on travelling abroad with a rented vehicle, please, inform our International Sales Office. 

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Kindly notice that upon arrival at a rental station, you will have to present a valid credit card with an amount corresponding to your selected deductible level of TC Basic, TC Plus, or TC Premium. The amount will be pre-authorized on your credit card during the pickup service to ensure traffic fines, missing fuel/refilling service, rental extension, and possible damages. 

When you return a vehicle, the authorization of funds from your credit card is released if no interior and exterior damages are discovered during the drop-off service. The pre-authorized amount will then be available on your account within a few days


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No insurance policy is applicable to damages to the chassis, water damage, damages caused by wind gusts, damage done by animals, or any other damage derived from driving on roads/surfaces with unsuitable conditions.

The hirer will be responsible for any cost derived from misplacing the vehicle keys or recovering the vehicle in the event of being stuck, submerged, or abandoned unless they are originated by a technical fault of the vehicle. The insurance does not cover damages caused by improper use of the motorhome.





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