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Touring Cars, founded in 1982, is distinguished from other service providers by its high-quality products and certified service operations. In Touring Cars´ premium fleet, we have only high-quality top-brand motorhomes that are all driven less than 100.000 km, so all our clients can experience the feeling of driving a new five-star motorhome and enjoy the luxurious camping lifestyle and homelike accommodation.

One of the cornerstones of our business is meeting customer expectations and their needs in order to provide a high-quality, hassle-free setting for unforgettable dream holidays. Our service pricing structure is based on individual needs. Thus, a budget motorhome holiday or a comprehensive travel package can be easily arranged. Our rental prices include most of the important services and rental essentials such as airport transfers, pickup and drop off during office hours, full kitchen and tableware, cleaning kit, navigation system, insurance, 24/7 road assistance, and unlimited rental kilometers. 

Pricing Structure 


10 starting locations in 8 countries - Fully equipped & customized accommodation - Standardized services - Well-maintained homelike vehicles - 24/7 Road service - Unlimited mileage - Airport transfers - With standard B driver's license (Up to 3500kg)



Renting a motorhome is just like driving one, very easy and smooth. No previous experience with RV or camper van is required. You only need a B driver’s license for passenger cars. Our friendly and professional staff will show you how to use the rental motorhome before you start your trip. They will gladly answer all your questions related to motorhomes or destinations throughout your holiday. All you need to bring along are your personal items and a cheerful holiday mood!



Touring Cars rental fleet represents one of the highest quality rental motorhomes available and most of our German manufactured rental fleet, Hobby, is almost brand new. This is because we renew a big part of our fleet annually to keep our premium fleet fresh. The factory introduces new models and develops all the time, so the actual motorhome may vary from photographs and illustrations. Motorhome types, specifications and layouts shown in our marketing material are for illustrative purposes only.

In some rare situations, the reserved vehicle might need to be changed to a different camper category or model. In this situation the camper upgrade will be provided to you without any charge. Touring Cars reserves the right to change any specifications stated and/or supply similar or higher-class camper for the confirmed price without any notification.


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Touring Cars rental fleet proudly represents the German manufactured brand Hobby. The all-new compact fleet with the availability of 500 vehicles world wide, is kept fresh and maintained to provide the safest and the most luxurious travelling experience gained from ice-covered Nordic to Mediterrean sandy coast lines. The premium campers in each category are driven less than 100.000 km and each vehicle is required to go through four independent and standardized checkups.

From the exterior to the interior surfaces, the motorhome rentals include fully equipped and tailor-made additional items that increase the comfort of our clients. With its exclusive dimensions and outstanding mobility, it is possible to use motorhome to visit any place and remain comfortable meanwhile.

Vehicle range

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Driver’s license validity and age limits

When arriving from outside the EU (European Union) we recommend to obtain an international driver’s license (standard B licence) . In case you have any uncertainty concerning the validity of your driving permit in the destination country, we recommend that you contact your local authorities in the country where your license was issued, to confirm the validity in the destination country before your holiday.

For destination specific drivers’ age limits, kindly refer to our destination pages.

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Touring Cars offers exclusive destinations to discover. From the untouched to the exotic urban routes, our destinations are strongly presented in the market, and Touring Cars rental stations are ready make your dream holiday come true. Premium RV rentals without mileage charge to enjoy exclusive holiday in Europe on your own pace and schedule.

Destinations / Starting points

Get the most out of your vacation with rental motorhome all year round!  Enjoy your holiday safely with your loved-ones - also pets are allowed to bring along.