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Experience the Magic of Finland: Autumn Camper Holidays in Northern Europe

As the vibrant hues of autumn paint the landscapes in Finland, there’s no better time to embark on a journey that combines freedom, nature, and adventure. For adult travelers seeking a unique escape, a camper holiday through Finland promises an unforgettable experience.

Why Choose Finland for Your Fall Camper Adventure?

  1. Stunning Scenery: From the golden birch forests to the shimmering lakes reflecting the northern lights, Finland’s autumn scenery is simply breathtaking.
  2. Tranquil Campsites: Discover secluded spots amidst nature where you can park your camper and enjoy the serenity of the Finnish wilderness.
  3. Northern Lights: As the nights grow longer, the chances of witnessing the mesmerizing northern lights increase, offering a celestial spectacle unlike any other.
  4. Finnish Sauna Culture: Unwind like a local with a traditional sauna experience, perfect for relaxing after a day of exploring.
  5. Culinary Delights: Indulge in Finnish cuisine, from hearty stews to fresh fish, and explore local markets for authentic flavors.
  6. Outdoor Activities: Hiking, fishing, berry picking—there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy against the backdrop of Finland’s autumn splendor.

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Note good deals in the Nordics

  • The limited amount of fleet in Rovaniemi now up to -50%
  • The limited amount of fleet in Helsinki now up to -20%
  • One-way rental from Lapland to the capital city -30%. Limited availability. Travel September 15th - October 15th, 2024.
  • Camper in Tromso: September -25% and October -10%

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