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Great opportunity for success

1. Demand for customized motorhome holiday services is growing in Europe

Global megatrends in traveling and consuming support the growth of the motorhome rental business. Camping and on-the-ground traveling have become even more popular among youngsters, families, and senior travelers in Europe. 

This is your opportunity to take a step towards an international rental business and a profitable future.

2. We put our franchisees as the highest priority and run the business so our franchisees can enjoy the success

Touring Cars has enjoyed the privilege of being the first motorhome rental chain in North Europe. For over 40 years Touring Cars has been redefining the motorhome holiday business in Europe. Today, Touring Cars operates as a franchise chain in North Europe, the Baltics, and Great Britain. Strong partners, a global network of travel agencies and tour operators, but most of all high-quality services that stand out, lead to a strong brand and continuous growth.



We represent travel and car rental business sectors. 

Do you want to be part of our success?

Company Overview & History



Touring Cars motorhome rental franchise concept is the easiest way to get more revenue from your existing business infrastructure. Having rental operations will also provide more constant revenue and generate more business for your garage and accessories sales. Rental business can be used to ease sales pressure from new vehicle sales and having access to international client base it makes your business less vulnerable to changes in local market conditions. Having rental business helps you to limit the waste of resources through a more efficient business. We are prepared to give you all the tools and know-how to run your own rental business. Contact us today for more information.


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If you have the will, we have the tools to boost your current rental business or to start a new one. We will provide you with everything you need for your successful motorhome rental business, including tested and branded concept, software, know-how, training, support, immediate access to client base and sales channels, and so much more. Our easy start franchise model makes is easy to get into a professional motorhome rental business. In addition to the latest well-equipped motorhome models and welcoming and professional customer service, all Touring Cars rental clients can enjoy additional five-star holiday services that stand out in the industry and ensures unforgettable holiday experiences!


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...We are now in 9 locations across North Europe, the Baltics, and Great Britain, England.


Why not become a motorhome rental franchisee and benefit from the support of an already established, European-wide, and globally known brand?


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1/3 of all start-ups close within the first year, while only 0.5% of all franchise companies do.

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What is franchising?

It is an opportunity to benefit from tested and branded concept and use the know-how from day one instead of building everything from scratch yourself. Becoming a franchisee gives you an opportunity to get support from well-established and trusted brand and get immediate access to a worldwide clientele base. If you are considering of expanding your current business or starting your first private business, joining a franchise may be a good option for you.

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Franchise in a nutshell

Basically, franchising for Touring Cars means that we (franchisor) developed a successful business model that we can offer you to take part of in. In a nutshell, franchising occurs when the franchisor is renting out or leasing the rights to its brand and its operating methods to one or more independent franchisees; this would be you. The concept franchisor developed is to be used throughout the entire franchise chain ensuring consistency and economies of scale.

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It is all about the concept

A franchise system consists of a franchisor and a number of franchisees. They work together toward common goals but are legally independent. This means that you as a franchisee are responsible for the daily operations of your business and your own results. The franchisor takes care of things like operational support, training, HRM support, consultancy, quality control, marketing strategies, etc.

Could I be a franchise entrepreneur?

Franchise is often better option to start a new business than building it from the ground up. While it can be a perfect option for many people, it may not suit everyone. When considering Touring Cars franchise as a way to your own business, you should ask yourself a few questions from yourself. If your answer to most of the questions here below is yes, then franchise may be a good option for you.

  1. Do I understand the principle of franchising and its opportunities as well as its challenges?
  2. Is economical security and the content of the work more important for to me than ability to run my business freely and as I want, regardless of others?
  3. Am I prepared to pay for the know-how, for tested concept and ability to use an established brand?
  4. Can I commit 100% to a concept developed by someone else?
  5. Do I believe to the concept and am I willing to represent it even though I don´t own it? Can I accept that my company name is not always clearly visible in the business?
  6. Do I accept that sometimes the chain level decisions does not work perfectly for each entrepreneur and rental station?
  7. Am I fine with someone else following what I do and how my business is going, while giving instructions and setting quality targets?
  8. Am I ready to do a long-term commitment?
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Touring Cars chain members achieve their goals - together

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  1. Benefit from being a part of the two leading brands of the motorhome business: Hobby and Touring Cars.
  2. Get an access to our global travel agency network: over 120 partners will sell your rentals worldwide.
  3. Get worldwide visibility for your rental product: international marketing is performed on your behalf.
  4. Access to state-of-the-art rental softwares and fleet reporting tools: efficiency and results with modern tools
  5. Access to internal peer to peer support: resource and knowledge sharing, training and business consultation
  6. Access to all rental materials and sales support


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With our support, a franchisee’s turnover can increase in the first three years over 100% annually.

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Business basics

Brand support from a well-known brand with tested rental concept helps to get you up and running. In addition, procuring the fleet as is a part of the vital support. We help you learn how to buy, how to finance, what to buy, how long to hold, and so on. Other services offered by TC have some value to our partners. This may include information about fleet insurance, handling difficult clientele, legalities related to the business, rate management, sales office services, marketing support etc. As a franchisee you will get access to legal documentation such as the rental contracts. Navigating through rental business alone is not an easy task.

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Flow of customers

The most important reason of becoming a motorhome rental franchisee is an immediate access to international customer base that will give great support to your local rental business.

We will provide an access to our main website, tour operators and travel agencies, email marketing tools, and google search optimization. As a partner to Hobby motorhome manufacturer, your location is also reachable through Hobby website.

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Together we are stronger

Franchise system is a two-way street, our part is to support you as our franchisee, but If one thinks they are an independent businessman by being a franchisee, they are wrong. All franchisees need to conform to the franchisors requirements.

However, if you want something that comes with name recognition built in, access to rental clients, computer support, global benefits for your local business and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, then franchise is the way forward.


Your business can become a growing company. Touring Cars provide you the optimal start on your growth journey. Your business can grow in the shelter of our rental concept without the risks of typical business expansion.

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Franchise opportunity

Touring Cars franchise is smart business. Holidaymakers have loads of options when choosing a destination and service provider. Staying on the top requires continuous rental product and process development, as well as system innovation. Touring Cars rental concept is under constant development keeping it the most advanced rental concept available. Being a Touring Cars Franchisee guarantees that you can benefit from all the latest developments within the rental industry.

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Multiple opportunities

While the core of the business stays in high class customer service within the rental product, Touring Cars franchise taker can also benefit from additional sales that support your rental business but can be an independent business as well. In addition, your rental vehicles need washing, cleaning, servicing, and repairing. These services you can also sell to local motorhome owners. Regarding vehicle sales, we are happy to help you with your vehicle sales or you can do the selling yourself or give the vehicles to a commission dealer. 1/3 of the rental customers are potential motorhome buyers, which means that it may be worth also considering the sales side of the business. All these together give superior synergy in the rental business and broaden the consumer base.

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Touring Cars is one of the strongest and most recognized motorhome rental brands in Europe. Our marketing resonates with our target audience of holidaymakers from all over the world. With clear marketing messages of high-quality service product, we keep the energy and our valued brand fresh. While you can give your marketing input on local level, your rental unit and your holiday products will get worldwide coverage in different sales channels, hundreds of travel agent brochures and websites, several exhibitions, press releases and press cooperation, excellent social media coverages in all main channels and so much more. Our sales and marketing team is working all year around to boost your business. It’s not coincidental that our sales have been continuously growing over 24% every year for over 15 years!



Touring Cars - one of the oldest motorhome rental service providers in Europe

  • Tested franchise concept and expertise in motorhome rental business since 1982
  • Our fundamental red line: Providing Good Feelings for our customers
  • Concept is based on Finnish quality and reliability standards
  • Comprehensive Start-up Package
  • Trusted entrepreneurial network in Europe
  • Group functions to support your journey

Do you want to be a part of our growth?

If you are interested in knowing our recipe for a success and becoming a Touring Cars franchisee, please use the online contact form below to contact us or call directly to Mr. Veijo Tiitinen, Managing Director of Touring Cars p. +358 40 707 3616.

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We are looking for new entrepreneurs to continue our great concept and run local rental station operations in these locations:

  • Oslo and Tromso, Norway
  • Malmö and/ or Stockholm, Sweden
  • Rovaniemi, Finland
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Scotland, UK 

If are you interested in expanding your business offering with motorhome rental services in some of those locations, please contact us or send us a contact request by filling out the form below.


Touring Cars Camper hire Franchise Chain 

Head office & License Owner Organisation

Address:   Tiilenlyöjänkuja 6 ,01720 Vantaa, Finland    Phone:   +358 (0)9 849 4050

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