Responsible Employer and Service Provider in a Global Travel and Automotive Business 

Touring Cars is one of the leading motorhome holiday suppliers in Europe. Our mission is to provide people an easy and safe way to explore the world, relax and enjoy a quality time with their loved-ones on their own pace. Travellers can start a road trip in Europe from one of our rental stations in 8 country with our 5-star rated, individually customised motorhome. We also provide standardized motorhome rental services in Russia. Employees are an essential part of our customer-oriented service concept.

**We are recruiting on a regular basis**

In addition to seasonal personnel for our rental stations in different parts of Europe (see the latest situation from the link below), Corporate Admin team at headquarters in Finland is constantly searching for talents to build the growth for the franchise chain. Please reveal your skills with IT, marketing, sales or finance and send us your open application (see the link below).

Key Figures of Touring Cars

  • 40 year business competence - Established in Finland in 1982
  • Registered trademark and tested international motorhome rental business concept
  • Nordic Pioneer - Oldest motorhome rental Chain in Scandinavia
  • International employer - Global travel business functions since 1985
  • Brand you can trust - Standardized services available in 8 countries (2022)
  • European-wide chain - Touring Cars operates from 10 rental station locations (2022)
  • Wide global presence - Over 120 Sales Partners worldwide 
  • Growing business - Steady turnover growth over the last 15 years
  • Fundamental values since establishment - customer satisfaction, quality, responsibility
  • We are dedicated to - Safety, happiness, sustainability and constant renewal guides our everyday life choices
  • Good place to work - Low employee turnover rate (among permanent personnel)
  • Liable summer-time employer - Annually several seasonal positions at each local rental stations in Europe
  • Options for students - Opportunities for internships and graduates


Do you want to work in a cool, trendy niche-industry and be part of our TC Family?


This is Us 

Touring Cars Franchise Chain 

Organisation Chart

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Meet our People

Board Members and Admin Team

Corporate Personnel


Touring Cars

Historical Steps

Brand History Overview


Trendy business, easy-going working environment

Motorhoming as a travelling type and as a lifestyle has become cool and more popular than ever before. Global travelling and consuming trends have increased demand for our premium and customised motorhome rental services in Europe. As customer service and satisfaction have always been our core values, our highly motivated, active and satisfied personnel as well as temporary workers play crucial role in our service functions. 

Touring Cars is an active summer-time employer. We provide job opportunities with employment support programs as well as several annual places for student internships. We are able to provide great career paths. Our employees can enhance their personal skills in various challenging tasks and in different locations.

  • Diverse teams with different nationalities and age groups
  • Versatility and options to change working tasks and workplaces
  • Personal growth and career path opportunities from fresh graduate to challenging management tasks
  • Easy-going teams to build life-time long friendships and cross-border relationships
  • Everyone as our brand ambassadors: Each local station with its personnel and temporary staff have a crucial role 
  • Good Feelings: We want to provide the most enjoyable moments to our customers and employees


Do you want to join our diverse, professional and dynamic team? 


Summer season employment at TC Europe

Local rental stations need several seasonal employees for the busiest period, summer. Please read more about available tasks and in which locations more staff is needed. 



Touring Cars motorhome holiday_vehicle cleaning preparations and customised items


Open Job Application

Please describe briefly your working history, situation with your studies, wishes for responsibilities, starting date and in which location would you like to work.


Send your application

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