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The freedom from within - Hit the road with rental motorhome

Are you looking for a fun adventure travel filled with lots of happiness, relaxation and togetherness? Or whether you are a passionate nature explorer with a strong interest in hiking and trekking through magical nature trails, or you want to know more about local history, taste true local culture or explore seasonal entertainment activities a motorhome allows you to fulfill your adventurous side.

Premium motorhome holidays in Europe since 1982


10 starting locations in 8 countries - Fully equipped & customized accommodation - Standardized services - Well-maintained homelike vehicles - 24/7 Road service - Unlimited mileage - Airport transfers - With standard B driver's license

An outstanding home-like camping car travel experience

The endless need to travel, to stop whenever and wherever, stay in remote places without  any human contact and the possibility to enjoy everything that a country has to offer...

By renting a sanitized and individually equipped motorhome and choosing this RV lifestyle, you have the best possibility to spend quality time with your loved-ones and friends with safety and relaxation in mind. No need to rush – just slow down and enjoy those moments and new experiences which are going to be unforgettable for everyone. While enjoying motorhome lifestyle, you will meet same-minded people and possibly build friendships of your lifetime.

With a premium well-equipped motorhome, you can visit and lodge comfortably places you otherwise could not, travel safely, stay under a sky full of stars, enjoy fresh air and witness national parks without any rush.  

Touring Cars provides 10 starting destinations to your road trip across Europe. Our motorhome rental stations are open all year round to serve families, couple travelers and friend groups with individually prepared and maintained motorhomes to enable a holiday of their dreams.

Are you ready to taste the RV Camper lifestyle?





Motorhome is perfect choice for families to travel safely and conveniently on their weekend getaway or on a longer holiday period. 

On a motorhome holiday a pleasant and easy-going journey begins right from a start. Home-like furnished and individually equipped vehicle enables all standard daily activities effortlessly as everything is easily on your reach. And you don't have to leave anything you love behind, including your pet. Large additional storage area and availability of vehicles with bike racks provide enough room for different sports equipment such as diving, surfing and golfing accessories or you can easily bring strollers with you.

Professional team on each rental station help families to plan their journey by providing complimentary travel materials and sharing tips for local road trips. Additionally, 24/7 Road Assistance secures the uninterrupted and trouble-free moments throughout the journey.

  • Homelike equipped, premium accommodation on wheels 
  • Different vehicle layouts to meet your travel requirements 
  • Additional items and services for a tailored journey 
  • Cabinets and large additional storage for all your luggage 
  • Pets are allowed 






A motorhome holiday allows adventure seekers, bucket list travellers, trekking-lovers, fishing buddies and wild camping enthusiasts to broaden their horizons, feel an ultimate freedom, live like a local and experience the beauty of nature like no other. 

Home-like furnished and individually equipped motorhome enables a convenient camping and an independent stay next to a activity site or right by a wild nature. Large additional storage area and availability of vehicles with bike racks provide room for sports equipment such as diving, surfing and golfing accessories.

  • Sustainable travel and mobile accommodation option 
  • Different vehicle layouts to fit travel groups needs 
  • Good storage for travelers luggage and sports equipment 
  • Easy to drive, park and camp 
  • No earlier lifestyle experience is required 






A rental motorhome is a perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts, mindful travel seekers, honeymooners or wedding anniversary travelers and cultural travelers to enjoy their exclusive holiday or a relaxing weekend getaway in a private mobile accommodation.

Motorhoming represents a sustainable travel type which allows you the ultimate freedom to enjoy your holiday as you wish. Home-like furnished and individually equipped motorhome enables a convenient camping and an independent stay next to an activity site or right by the wild nature. Whether you eager go for a long road trip or an isolation holiday or need an distinctive gift to pamper your loved-one on a wedding anniversary, motorhome holiday is a perfect choice. 

  • Sustainable travel and mobile accommodation option 
  • Different vehicle layouts to meet your wishes 
  • Individually equipped and prepared for your needs 
  • Storage for large travel equipment and sports accessories 
  • Easy to drive, park and camp 
  • Enjoy long rental discounts

Réservez maintenant et payez plus tard

Grâce à notre option de paiement flexible, vous pouvez réserver un camping-car haut de gamme pour vos vacances avec un acompte de 170 GBP/ 200 EUR/ 2 000 NOK/ 2 000 SEK et payer le montant restant 45 jours avant votre premier jour de location.

Vérifiez la disponibilité des camping-cars en direct et les prix de location sur notre page d'accueil.

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Summer is the best time of the year to experience the real car camping lifestyle

Open air festivals, beach​​​ parties, boundless treasure hunts with your children or city lights switching into breathtaking mountain views and mesmerizing moments at a campfire. We warmly invite you to enjoy our European-wide service offering and start enjoying the best local hidden gems.

Summer is all about fun and outdoors. There is a story behind every summer. The road trips are unlimited, and our freedom is enormous. Get your canoe or, bring your surfboard, golf bag or fishing gears with you or let´s join some marathons on your way. You can do what you desire! Touring Cars lifestyle offers endless possibilities to explore your surrounding and express yourself as you wish.

Autumn is the cosiest time of the year

When the summer is over, all we can think about is how our freedom suddenly becomes limited and how we will get back to our day-to-day life, whereas in fact, with a motorhome, your freedom of choice becomes variable again!

Are you keen on photography tours and mindful-spirit travels? How about hiking or biking and enjoying fresh Northern air and colorful forests full of mushrooms and berries available for you alongside your route? Or maybe enjoy horse riding, fishing, hunting? Nature ablaze calls upon you to be outside for the majority of your me-time. With a motorhome, you can easily stay right at your destination.

With children you can easily travel for a weekend or just enjoy a day trip. Traveling with a motorhome is full of adventure and unforgettable moments for children, even the driving hours. Even rainy weather can’t ruin your holiday, as our comfortable and spacious vehicles are homey and cozy to spend time with your whole family and with your precious pets.

Note: Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) season starts in Iceland already in September.

Winter is a magical time to travel

Winter is a special time of the year for adventure seekers and winter sports lovers. Something magical happens around this time of the year. As the snow falls, Northern Europe turns its landscapes from colorful feasts into a winter wonderland and magical Aurora Borealis phenomena.

This season offers endless possibilities of road traveling with a motorhome. If northern lights are on your bucket list experiences or getting involved in a real Arctic experience, then winter is the right time to pick up your motorhome and drive around.

What else can be more exclusive than a ski holiday with some wellness treats! Refresh your body and soul and get an exclusive experience of this wintertime combo! 

Spring is a great time to experience local traditions with our family members

Infinite social gatherings around the centre provide us with cultural insight and allow us to enjoy traditions in a way like no other. It is easy to travel anywhere remote. The campsites and cruise ferries are the core of vivacious happenings.

It is the optimal time to enjoy camping vacation and to discover new secret spots for the summer. Springtime is the best time to take remote road trips with the ones we value the most. Let the sunbeams caress your skin again and absorb the vitamins while enjoying the many local festivals. Or why don't you combine your outdoors holiday road trip with football matches in Great Britain.

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