Before arrival & during your journey



Renting a motorhome is just like driving one; very easy and smooth. No previous experience with motorhomes is required. Only a valid, B level category, driver’s license for passenger cars is required, with certain driving experience, depending on legal requirements of the rental station’s country. Our friendly and professional staff will show you how to use the rental motorhome before you start your trip. They will gladly answer all your questions related to motorhomes or destination details throughout your holiday. All you need to bring along are your personal items and a cheerful holiday mood!



From the exterior to the interior surfaces, the motorhome rentals include fully equipped and tailor-made additional items that are served for our client’s comfort. With its exclusive dimensions and outstanding mobility, it is possible to use the motorhome to visit any place and remain comfortable meanwhile.

Touring Cars reserves the right to change any specifications stated and/or supply similar or higher class camper for the confirmed price without any notification.


Pick-up & drop-off

Book a vehicle pick-up and drop-off appointments together with our local rental station

Vehicle check-outs and check-ins are always agreed by appointment. In case you will arrive to the station with your personal vehicle, please contact the destination station to inform your arrival time and to inquire available parking space during your journey. If you prefer to use our free airport transfer service upon your arrival, kindly provide us with the following information: 

* Arrival flight number
* Estimated arrival time of your flight

If you plan to arrive to the rental station to pick up your rental vehicle at any other hour, than what is stated in your rental voucher, please contact us to schedule another time. 



As with the rental car services in generally, we reserve a full deductible amount on drivers' credit card, presented at the pickup as deposit. This means that we, as a rental service provider, make a reservation for the customer's credit card for a specified amount as a guarantee for the rental. However, the sum (bond) will be released and immediately removed after the vehicle is returned and the condition inspection is finished. We advise you to ensure in advance that credit limit is sufficient for the selected insurance level and its deposit amount and that foreign charges are enabled for your credit card.



All of our motorhome rental prices include transportational services between the rental stations and the airports listed in the country introduction page and here below.

Our major focus lies beneath of our customer-oriented mind-set. We take a special care to assure the most easiest and convenient way of travel.  


Airport transfers included in your rental price
Airport transfers from selected airports are included in your camper rental price. Please see the list of valid airports on the destination page. Airport transfer must be requested separately with complete arrival details: arrival flight number and the estimated arrival time of the flight. Airport transfer is available on request for all clients on the rental pickup date, and back to the airport after the motorhome is returned.

Other transfers
If you need additional transfers, we will do out best to meet your individual needs, but please contact us well before your journey. These transfers need to be booked and paid for in advance. 

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Airport transfers are included in rental rates from and to following airports: ​

  • Helsinki International Airport (HEL), Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland
  • Rovaniemi Airport (ROV), Rovaniemi, Finland
  • Keflavik International Airport, Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN), Sweden
  • Manchester/Chester (MAN), Liverpool (LPL), United Kingdom
  • Riga International Airport (RIX),Riga, Latvia
  • Tallinn, Lennart Meri (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
  • Tromsø Airport, (TOS), Tromsø, Norway
  • Gardermoen Airport (OSL), Norway
Touring Cars Airport transfer services_free of charge



If you´re staying the night before your rental at a hotel at any of the airports listed above, we are happy to pick you up on the rental day. These transfer services are included in your motorhome rental price. You can request the transfer service by providing the flight details, or the details of your hotel to Touring Cars Sales office via email You will receive a confirmation email when the transfer service is added to your reservation. If the travel date is closer than one week, please contact the rental station directly. Contact details can also be found from your reservation confirmation letter.

When you don´t need transfer services and you make your own way to Touring Cars motorhome rental Station, remember to inform us beforehand to avoid any delays in service. Rental Stations are open 24/7* by appointment only. Arriving without notice may result in delays in service.

*24/7 rental pick-up/drop-off is not available in Iceland.

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Customise your holiday 

There is also a wide range of additional items you can add to your rental at the counter such as camping sets, grill, baby seats and much more. However, we recommend booking these additional items in advance to ensure availability. 

*Gas consumption is not included in the rental price, therefore, please refill the gas bottles before returning your rental motorhome. 



At the Touring Cars motorhome rental station, you will be offered some refreshments while you are watching an orientation video to your rental motorhome. Our trained staff member will also provide you with personal introduction to the vehicle and show you how to use your state-of-the-art motorhome. In order to give you a possibility to familiarize yourself with the motorhome in a comfort of your own sofa, we provide this orientation video in English here below. Touring Cars personnel is praised for their high standards in customer care. We want to provide you with the holiday of a lifetime, with a feeling that we ́re there to support you whenever and wherever needed. To deliver that promise you will be provided with roadside assistance telephone number, and your rental station staff will be available 24/7 to ensure your holiday is unforgettable without any unnecessary delays or technical problems. With the aim to help you to get the most out of your holiday, and to give you the best local travel tips, our rental stations have information on local services and route ideas gathered for you. The informative material will be available at the local rental station. Due to this in-depth orientation, the vehicle pick-up could take up to 2 hours.

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Touring Cars provides you with a 24/7 roadside assistance in each of our destination country. Although our top brand motorhomes represent the highest technical quality and they are well maintained between each rental, mechanical problem situations cannot be ruled out completely. In such unlikely event you are advised to call us immediately and report any technical problems you are experiencing. Our experienced support team will take the lead and recommend proper actions to solve any problem situation as fast as possible. We have a mechanic on standby 24/7 and replacement vehicles available in case they are needed. Please, follow the guidance and recommendations of our support team. Failure to follow their guidance may revoke your right on a compensation later on, so it’s important that you keep us informed and let us help you.



All our motorhome rental services in Europe are conducted and managed according to our General rules and Conditions.

Rental terms & conditions 



We are committed to ensure your little ones are kept as safe as possible on their motorhome holiday adventure. All passengers should be seated with seatbelts fastened, when the motorhome is in move. Children, whose height is less than 120 cm, should use baby seat, whereas children with height less than 135 cm should use booster seat. Touring Cars provides baby seats and booster seats by availability only, but takes no responsibility attaching them to the camper for the clients.

Our modern top brand rental motorhomes are equipped with the latest safety features including airbags in the front seats. Do not attach a rear-facing seat to the front seat of the motorhome because of the airbags.

Touring Cars does not recommend any child under 135 cm or under 12 years to travel in the front seat or without any safety device.

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Most of the rental motorhome models have plenty of room for your luggage but we recommend you to use soft suitcases instead of hard ones because you can fit them inside the luggage compartment of the camper much nicer. In many rental locations we can offer you with the possibility to leave your empty suitcases at our rental station until your return.




To avoid frost damages to the motorhome the client will be responsible of making sure that the rental vehicle is heated properly at all times. Water system is especially sensitive to damages during extreme cold temperatures. Additional information on driving in winter conditions is given at the pickup.

Winter tires are always included in rental rates. Rental stations will equip the motorhomes with the correct tire set according to the local legislation requirements.

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Touring Cars provides complementary airport transfers and airport based hotel transfers to the rental stations which served for the complete pickup and drop off procedure. During the pickup procedure, the administrative procedure is taken place which an orientation video follows. The video include practical details of the rental vehicle and provides a great overview of the right usage of the car. After the orientation video, the customer representative professional is to introduce the guests to the rental vehicle and to provide an in-depth details of the camper van.

For instance, these in-depth details includes the process to empty the grey water tank and the toilette cassette, and thoroughly explains a customized detail on how to use the gas consumption, explains on how to refill the fresh water tank with fresh water and provide information on how to charge the vehicle with the electricity cable. The in-depth orientation continues to the inside of the motorhome, which presents the elements and factors on how to set and control the vehicle.

Once the orientation obtained and no any questions left, the rental condition document with a rental agreement is to be signed. After the signed documents, the guests will be ready to go on an adventure and enjoy the holiday to the fullest.



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