Motorhome rental services for organisations

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Clever solution for a room shortage

Remote office or an operational space for an indefinite period or an additional meeting room for an urgent short-term need 


On-spot homelike accommodation

Private, premium hotel room on wheels located next to the working spot or factory area

Customer Eric Lindqvist on an active Touring Cars holiday with a rental motorhome in Europe

Customised facilities

Mobile backstage for an event, individually wrapped with advertisements for a sales promotional tour or a practical space for staff and storage for a filming location


Do you need a hands-on, multifunctional space for your company or a temporary extra capacity for your local rental station?

Motorhomes are practical for organisations, unions and associations as a mobile, roomy space for a short ad hoc need, or a fixed long-term use. Our sanitized, individually equipped rental motorhome could also be the perfect solution for your operational room, or local fleet capacity shortage.

Contact Touring Cars' motorhome rental station close to your office and let us help you with our wide modern fleet and dedicated professionals.

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Yield with a motorhome ownership


Searching for a profitable investment option with guaranteed annual earnings ?

More information about TC Motorhome Investment Return program from our local vehicle sales professionals.



Choose European business pioneer as your trusted partner

Touring Cars is one of the oldest motorhome rental, sales and maintenance service providers in Europe. Our exciting journey started already in 1982 in Finland and we have been growing into one of the major players in our business sector in Europe.

Currently, Touring Cars provides professional RV services in 8 countries. Rental stations and vehicle sales functions are operated by devoted local entrepreneurs according to our tested concept, with specified quality, reliability and operational standards.

The offering throughout Touring Cars franchise chain includes superior VAT-deductible vehicles and wide selection of professional, high-rated services for individuals and organisations. 

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