Influencer Marketing and UGC Collaboration


Do you have a relevant social audience interested in off-grid camper lifestyle and adventurous slow traveling on Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube? 

Or if you can provide us with a versatile spectrum of high-quality content such as still images, drone footage, edited videos, and written articles, you might be an appropriate Wanderlust partner for us.

We are looking for some nomad UGC producers and influencers who could do a road trip with us and help us build awareness of autumn, winter, or springtime motorhoming in Northern Europe. Our collaboration partners should innovatively promote this camper lifestyle to their audiences in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Asia, or Australia as an option to travel and accommodate on their boondocking journeys in the Nordic countries, the Baltic states, or England UK. Alternatively, offer us a versatile adventure travel material package for our global marketing initiatives next year. 

Off-season camper traveling is a bit more adventurous and represents an even more minimalistic lifestyle than in summertime. But definitely, the most exotic way for nomads to enjoy glamping and expeditions but also for parents to provide a memorable holiday for their family.

What do we provide

Key to freedom on a good feelings holiday

We a looking for adult-only travel groups (holiday with a spouse or friends) but also family travelers (parents and grandparents traveling with children or teenagers) from different backgrounds (nationalities and age groups) and with individual holiday needs. We will provide you and your travel group with a premium, fully-equipped motorhome for one week or two, depending on what you provide us as an exchange. Collaboration might also include some compensation for gasoline and camping costs but excluding flight or other traveling and holiday costs. All journeys will be arranged from Helsinki Finland or Stockholm Sweden. 

We will enter into an official agreement before rental which obligates you as a service provider (we prefer registered companies) to deliver agreed actions on time but also as a responsible traveler to handle the vehicle carefully to avoid paying deductible levels of up to 1.200EUR on exterior damages and 2.800EUR on interior damages. General rental terms will be applied:  A small deposit will be taken from your credit card but it will be released 7 days after agreed actions have been delivered.

What do we require from you?

Creativity, useful media coverage, and quality of production matter. 

To validate you as a potential partner, please provide us data on your profiles (how many followers and best-generated reach) statistics of your audience (gender, age groups, nationalities), and/or proof of your language skills and links to your written contents and produced digital materials. 

Send all data through the contact form which can be found at the bottom of our contact page Please select 'Media & PR' as a topic. We will validate all candidates but unfortunately, we can contact only the potential ones by email to ask for more details and proofs of work. Only the contact data of potential candidates will be saved. Other data of contact requests will be erased from our systems.

Who are we 

Operations in Northern Europe since 1982

Touring Cars is a franchise chain specializing in the import, sale, rental, and maintenance services of motorhomes in Northern Europe including Great Britain. We are the first motorhome rental chain in the Nordics and currently focusing on our business in the Northern part of Europe. Please read more about it on a sub-page: 

Do you meet our expectations? Eager to collaboration with us?

Please contact us as mentioned above and let's continue our dialogue. 


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