Touring Cars & Christmas Special on ITV


Touring Cars collaborating ‘Gordon, Gino and Fred: Desperately Seeking Santa’ Christmas show

There have been many rumours going around for several months - but now it is official! 

Gordon Ramsay, Gino D'Acampo and Fred Sirieix visited Finland in November 2020, to film ‘Desperately Seeking Santa’ Christmas special for ITV. 

During this extraordinary culinary Christmas adventure in the Nordics, Gordon, Gino and Fred explored the magical Finnish Lapland and sought seasonal spirit in their own hilarious way. Their journey, throughout Lapland surrounded with snowy forests and under dark blue sky where only stars and northern lights shone their road, was made safely and conveniently with a Christmas decorated premium motorhome. Touring Cars, one of the oldest motorhome rental service providers in Europe, was selected to be the partner to provide a suitable vehicle with additional accessories and festive decorations for this TV project. 

’We are always ready to serve global organisations and meet their commercial demands on a tight schedule. In this ITV Christmas Special filming project ‘Desperately Seeking Santa’ our motorhome played an essential role. As Touring Cars is a European-wide motorhome holiday service provider and vehicle sales organisation, we were able to supply the TV team with many options, to get the most practical model for the shooting and to choose the best vehicle interior visuals that look the most attractive through a TV camera, not to mention the best possible and safe motorhome with easy driveability and modern functions for a convenient and carefree road trip in winter conditions’, states Miia Mustonen, Marketing Manager from Touring Cars Franchise chain.

German made Hobby motorhome was furnished, decorated and delivered according to the wishes and the agenda of the TV crew. Additionally, as our local Arctic Circle rental station in Rovaniemi is currently run by an entrepreneur who has a long experience in tourism in Lapland, especially in adventure travels in the Nordics and Russia, we were able to provide a special added value to the TV channel in this project’, continues Mustonen from the head office in Finland. 

Touring Cars highlighted the historic fact that film and TV projects have been written into the foundations of this organisation since its establishment in Finland in 1982. Legendary movie Gorky Park, where Hollywood star Lee Marvin played the leading role, was one of the first international rental customers to whom Touring Cars provided an individually equipped motorhome to use it as a break and dressing room while filming the movie in Helsinki. 

Touring Cars latest commercial TV collaboration ‘Gordon, Gino and Fred: Desperately Seeking Santa’ Christmas special show is available on ITV Hub.

Touring Cars collaborating Gordon Ramsey, Gino Fantastico and Fred Sirieix Christmas Show 2020 on ITV