Responsibility, a way of lifestyle

Responsibility, a way of lifestyle

Well-being and nature as a natural part of a camper lifestyle

Even the latest official studies show that a caravanning lifestyle has a direct impact on people's mental well-being and their attitude towards nature...

Touring Cars has been one of the implementors of the caravanning lifestyle and mobile experiential tourism in the Nordic countries. The company started importing, selling, and renting motorhomes in Finland back in 1982. Within a few years, the business expanded also to Sweden, Norway, and Iceland, where this organization, nowadays operating as a franchise chain, continues to serve both local and international outdoor enthusiasts. Currently, holiday service points can also be found in the Baltics and the United Kingdom.

Although these decades have passed by quickly, this natural, relaxed, feel-good form of holiday and leisure is still very popular both in Finland and in other Nordic countries. This mobile experience travel type makes it possible to enjoy a holiday right from the start while driving, eating, and sleeping can be done based on your schedules or wishes but also enables camping in places where formal services are not available or right next to nature, without burdening its fragile ecosystem. 

The British are also active caravan lifestyle enjoyers. An Outjoyment research report published by Liverpool John Moores and Sheffield Hallam Universities confirms that based on studies of local caravanners, this lifestyle has been shown to have a direct impact on people's mental well-being and their relationship with nature. 


woman balancing on a fence in rural landscape

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Empowering, wellbeing-enhancing adventure tourism

For caravanners, nature is an important, empowering factor, but also supporting local services and respecting others has always been at the heart of this way of life.

Through their way of spending time and travel, caravanners support the use of local services, thus directly contributing to regional employment and the maintenance of local culture and services.

'The idea of adventure motorhoming is always to find the most idyllic places to visit and stay overnight along the way. Driving with a camper is not just a quick transfer from one destination to another. Holiday experiences and adventures start right after empowering the engine. Travel groups are free from any schedule. They can enjoy their rhythm of life while stopping and staying as they prefer, says Miia Mustonen, Marketing Manager of the Touring Cars chain.

This lifestyle is also linked to mental well-being and an appreciation of nature. The Outjoyment report, published by Liverpool John Moores and Sheffield Hallam Universities, confirms that the camper lifestyle supports people's mental well-being, according to research conducted in 2021.

73% of over 11,000 survey respondents identified a sense of happiness as the biggest motivator to be part of the caravanning lifestyle. Secondly, 93% enjoyed the opportunity to spend their leisure time in the countryside and nature. The same proportion of respondents considered camping and hiking as a crucial part of their well-being, to maintain mental and physical health. 

"This lifestyle survey shows that motorhome has a positive natural impact on both individuals and society," continues Mustonen. 

Community spirit has always been part of the life of caravanners. Caring for others and respect for the living environment is evident both in the summer season and at year-round campsites, where caravanners who have booked a longer seasonal spot often work together to keep the site clean, tidy, and in good order. Their relaxed lifestyle and good humor can be witnessed also on the road, where no oncoming camper or caravan trailer driver is left without being greeted.


happy family by a campfire in the woods

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Caravan Life supports responsible values

In the light of a green future, the only option for mobile experience travel is not only the development of automotive technology, but e.g. reuse and recycling of materials, and technology. The optimal use and proper maintenance of products as well as individual consumption and living habits are also essential for the sustainable development of this lifestyle. 

Motorhoming is about living in a compact, homey environment with only essential goods with you. Although the internal combustion engine technology of campers has yet to be developed to reduce emissions, the way you travel with a camper is already a responsible choice. 

Food preparation, dining, spending time, living, and staying overnight take place in a relatively small, shared space for the entire travel group. The camper will carry all the essentials along and services for waste and sewage disposal are available along the main road network. Even within the current setting alone, the carbon footprint per passenger and the strain on the ecosystem will be low.

Touring Cars states that it provides each customer who picks up a rental camper a thorough orientation to make traveling, camping, and driving as carefree, safe, and environmentally friendly as possible. In addition, new and well-maintained vehicles are an important factor in providing a responsible holiday experience.


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The service chain as a social actor

Touring Cars has been operating as a camper rental chain in the Nordic countries for 4 decades. "We have been involved in supporting local economies in different European countries by contributing to inbound tourism and regional attractiveness in the global tourism arena. But of course, we have been supporting the business development of our chain member organizations by providing the option to broaden easily their service range into international rental business with us. In addition, through our local partners and network of sales partners, we have hopefully been able to contribute to both employment and the local economy as well, says Mustonen from Touring Cars.

The service chain has always been an active employer, offering students, graduates, and those who want to start a new career path a wide range of internships, summer jobs, and career opportunities in cooperation with various employment support partners and educational institutions. 

In addition, the TC Return Investment program, launched by Touring Cars in 1996, has not only enabled the company to grow, but it is also an exemplary pioneer of the Slowing Loop circular economy approach when you consider sustainability, reusing, and long lifespan of a motorhome. In the TC ST program, a company representative or a private owner selects a camper from a range of new or slightly used vehicles and, under a contract of assignment drawn up at the time of sale, sub-leases it to Touring Cars for partial use. 'The vehicle generates regular income for the owner and the chain can balance out peaks in demand. At the same time, the vehicle's utilization capacity is maximized and the chain's maintenance professionals keep the vehicle in optimum working order and extend its service life," says Mustonen. 


person riding a fatbike in a snowy winter forest in Finnish Lapland

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A relaxed lifestyle all year round

Touring Cars reminds us that a motorhome lifestyle is possible whatever the season. In addition to campsites that are open all year round, camper travelers are also served by ski resorts during the off-season, where those official caravan areas are often located at the foot of the ski slopes or right in the center of town. All the necessary facilities - from sauna and extensive kitchen facilities to washing machines with drying cabinets and ski storage - are close by and grocery stores are within walking distance. 

However, winter travel with a motorhome or a trailer is a bit more modest than in summertime. Touring Cars advises you to avoid using a water system during the cold months to avoid freezing pipes. 'I've been a winter camper enthusiast since the 1990s. The fact that spaces are smaller and tap water is not used inside a car is not a hindrance, I think it's just an attitude issue. In wintertime, there is more camping feeling, and it gives a greater appreciation of simpler living. There is something magical about this mobile, year-round way of life. Otherwise, it would not have been so popular all these decades and has grown exponentially in recent years.' Mustonen concludes.


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