Motorhoming with a pet

Motorhoming with a pet

Camper Holiday with a Pet

This article aims to provide practical tips on traveling with a pet in a camper.

Traveling with a motorhome enables you the key to freedom for an easy and convenient holiday throughout the year. Pets are also allowed to enjoy an adventurous break with you. In this blog, we will share some tips for a pet-friendly camper road trip.


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Choosing the Right Vehicle

When planning a road trip with your dog or cat, it is important to book a suitable vehicle for your travel group. Depending on the size, personality, and characteristics of your pet, make sure to choose a proper accommodation on wheels that provides enough space for him to move and rest comfortably on the floor area. However, it is advisable to keep your pet outside on a leash as much as possible during your stops to chill out and rest in the fresh air.

Remember to include also an additional service, Pet Cleaning, in your online booking. The camper you return needs to undergo a thorough cleaning and an ionizing process to get sanitized and all allergens will be removed before the next travel group will arrive.

What to Pack 

Pack all the essential items your pet needs daily. 

Bringing sleeping blankets and toys from home will help your pet feel more at home and safe in a new environment. Additionally, bring a small towel to clean your pet's paws before entering the camper and another clean one to dry its fur after swimming. 

We suggest bringing any special pet diet food that may be difficult to find in small local stores, as well as any necessary daily medications. Food and water plates from home can also make your pets feel homey on your vacation. Don't forget to bring or buy treats and chewing bones. Thanks to the large storage compartment on the back of the camper, there is plenty of space for all pet accessories.

Before traveling to your destination for a camper adventure, pay attention to your dog's annual medications and pre-treatments. Remember to give your dog an annual worming treatment. Depending on your route and activity level in nature, it might be good to protect your pet against ticks as well. Ticks wake up in the early spring when the daytime temperature exceeds +5°C and they remain active until October-November, depending on the region. However, acknowledge well in how many days it takes to get full protection with the chosen medicine option before you start your holiday. 

Don't forget to bring along updated vaccination records or other necessary permits and check also ID tag exists on a leash. 


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Setting Off on a Journey

While some pets adapt easily to any new places, others may easily experience stress. When picking up a vehicle from a rental station, bring your pet to the motorhome, and give him time to familiarize himself with the new inside spaces. 

Some dogs might be afraid of using electrical doorstep at first. It is important to encourage your dog when entering and leaving a camper and, if necessary, help your dog by carrying or lifting him at first to get a positive feeling towards this accommodation on wheels.

Place your pet's favorite sleeping blanket in a designated spot to mark down his own sleeping and resting space during the camper holiday.

Before starting the engine, make sure all passengers, including your pet, are properly buckled up to prevent them from wandering and potentially causing accidents or injuries. Small dogs and cats can enjoy their time in a secured carrier, while larger dogs need to be seated and buckled up with a safety harness.  Do not forget to cover the seating area under your pet. 

Tips on the Road

Drive smoothly, avoiding sudden movements and heavy braking to keep all passengers feeling safe and convenient throughout a road trip. 

Some pets may easily experience motion sickness. To minimize this inconvenient condition, give your pet only a small meal in the morning and a limited amount of snacks during the day while driving. 

In mountainous regions, changes in air pressure may cause discomfort also for your pet. You can try to avoid this by giving him a chewing toy to keep his ears open. 

When using a ferry or a fjord boat, check the local rules for traveling with a pet to acknowledge possible special arrangements while crossing the water area. 

Remember to take enough breaks during your driving period, similar to when traveling with small children. Pets need to stretch themselves, get fresh air, and drink some fresh water just like we human passengers as well. :)

When you stop for groceries or are planning to go shopping, avoid leaving your dog inside a vehicle for an extended time in summer. In hot weather, the interior temperature can easily become uncomfortably warm. 

Research pet-friendly parks or trails to provide activities for your pet along your road trip. Feel free to utilize available online and mobile application services that have compiled a list of pet-friendly hiking routes. 


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Stay on a Camping site 

Try to maintain a daily routine, even during your holiday, as it will help your pet adjust to the travel lifestyle and reduce any anxiety or stress he may experience. Dogs may find it difficult to sleep and rest properly outside of their home environment. Pay more attention than normal to provide quiet time for your pet to rest.

With a camper, you can easily spend a couple of nights in the countryside or parking spots without having any 3 party infra services, if local legislation allows it. Motorhomes are equipped with self-preserved infra including large fresh water and grey water (used water) tanks as well as a cassette toilet. When you do not have plug-in electricity, the fridge runs on gas. But to maintain day-to-day activities, it is recommended to use at times services of a campsite or an official camper park. You can find similar services from a platform such as the Park4night.

When you are choosing a camping site, remember to check their policy on animals. Most camping sites allow pets, but you can easily check suitable campsites from a platform like EuroCampings. 

Remember to keep your pet on a leash at all times. Check the campsite's specific rules on pets, any restrictions, as well as designated areas for swimming and playing or other amenities they offer for pets when you arrive. 

Prefer parking space from the outskirts of the campsite to avoid providing too many stimuli for the animal's natural behavior to guard and protect his living area. It enables also easier access to go for a walk.

Use a vehicle marquee to provide shaded areas for your dog to relax and rest in summer. Another effective way to cool off yourself and your dogs is to go swimming in a nearby lake, river, or seashore. However, remember to respect local rules on animals: pets are not allowed to enter public beaches or children's play areas.

When getting back to your camper, remember to dry and clean your dog before allowing him to enter the vehicle. Avoid also letting your pet use the seating area without covering it properly to protect the fabric on camper seats. A clean vehicle is much more comfortable and safe for everyone to travel and accommodate. 


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Depending on the pet's breed, age, and health condition you might need to consider other special arrangements for your camper holiday. Because you know your furry family member best and have traveled together earlier, you already know which special tricks to acknowledge and which to ignore to make your holiday as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We wish you all a revitalizing stay and an enjoyable moment on a camper holiday with us!


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