Tips for Planning a Camper Holiday in Norway

Tips for Planning a Camper Holiday in Norway

Planning a Scenic Journey in Norway

Even though we will provide you with a thorough orientation on our standardized pick-up process, we want to point out a few aspects already when you are preparing your camper holiday with us from Oslo or Tromsø. 

Norway is the longest country in Europe and has the second longest coastline in the world including not only the shoreline of the mainland but also thousands of kilometres of coastline from fjords, and islands. 

The rental camper is the best choice for Key-to-Freedom to explore this scenic destination on your terms. 


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Leave enough time to drive around.

Even a motorhome enables you to see and experience more on your holiday, we advise not to have too tight a schedule.  

The road network sometimes runs along the top of windy mountains near glacial lakes, descending along the fjord coastline or sometimes diving for kilometres into the mountain in a tunnel. You may also encounter long ferry queues, especially on popular stretches of road and especially during the busiest summer period. You'll most probably want to stop and park your camper constantly to capture breathtaking and calming scenery into a camera. Thus, it is easy to underestimate driving time in Norway. 


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Enjoy endless daytime.  

In the summertime, Nordic countries have the phenomenon of the Midnight sun. The sun does not set below the horizon at all during the whole day which is the opposite of the mystical darkness period you can witness in the Nordics in wintertime.  

Anyhow, excellent bedding and blackout window blinders in your rental vehicle will allow you a perfectly good night’s sleep or a quick daytime nap despite constant brightness. 

To enjoy outdoor activities in all weather conditions, remember to pack sturdy boots, a rucksack and water and windproof outerwear with some warmer inner layer, even in the summertime. Nordic mountainous climates can be unpredictable. The sea breeze always feels chilly on the skin and when go high up in the mountains or on a glacier, the coldness can easily get into you. 

If you are planning on going hiking, please read also tips from:


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Before you hit the road.

If you have booked a complimentary airport transfer at Oslo or Tromsø, remember to inform your flight details to our local rental station. They will guide you through a thorough vehicle orientation and remind you about all necessary safety rules on the roads. 

A fixed daily road toll supplement has already been added to your reservation on your online booking, which redeems you from a post-rental road toll charge. However, this supplement does not include bridge tolls, ferry fees or congestion taxes in the city centre. Those will be charged post-rental, following the invoice(s) obtained from the provider of those services. 

Seat belts are compulsory for all passengers and a safety seat is mandatory for children under 36kg or 135cm (in height). We recommend booking a baby or a booster seat in advance. Additional items were available on our online booking system. If you missed it, please contact the TC Sales Office to make changes to your reservation.

We suggest planning a route before you hit the road with your rental camper. At least during the busiest summer months, we recommend booking a campsite and a ferry place for a rental vehicle in advance.

When driving in mountains and other remote areas, we recommend observing diesel capacity and being aware of the closest service station. Remember to check the engine oil level every time you fill up the diesel tank. 

Service stations also provide gas bottle cylinders, if you have not booked a replacement bottle/-s from a rental station in advance or if you manage to use up both cylinders placed inside before returning the motorhome to the rental station.

Please utilize the following services to plan your road trip in Norway: 


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Note driving conditions and wildlife 

As in other Scandinavian countries, Norwegians drive on the right side of the road. Due to the proximity of the Norwegian Sea and mountainous landscapes, weather conditions can change rapidly causing strong winds and heavy rain. On a road trip from Tromsø you might experience even some snow showers on the mountain passes also in May and early June, but it will melt away totally within a few hours. 

Please utilize the following services to plan your road trip in Norway: 

Pay also special attention to wildlife. Wild moose (elk) are such big animals with long legs, so they might run to your sight range within the blink of an eye. There are two time periods when we recommend paying more attention and observing more closely on roadside areas if you are driving at dawn in the morning and dusk in the evening. The most active time for wild moose to move around is in October-November when they are trying to find a life partner. Another period is in May-June when young over-a-year-old moose start to wander around by themselves in unexpected places. Usually, older moose cross the road from a specific location and those have been notified with a road sign.

Another common Nordic animal, reindeer, can cause encounter situations in Norway. On a sunny day in summertime, reindeer might be standing in front of a tunnel entrance to cool themselves down and relax in the shadows. But when you slow down or stop and wait a moment, they will eventually move away from the roads. 


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Safety issues with a vehicle

Roads in Norway are well-maintained. Outside urban areas, roads are narrower without excess space on the side of the lane. Remember to turn a motorhome on narrow bends only when you have enough open space. Other situations in which to pay attention to the dimensions of your rental vehicle is when handling a vehicle in narrow and shallow parking spaces. Even though most of our campers are equipped with a reversing camera system, we suggest cautious behaviour while parking and reversing your motorhome.

Most of our current fleet range has a manual gearbox. To avoid overheating your breaks on steep, long, winding mountain roads, we suggest driving in low gear and allowing the engine to partially slow down the vehicle. Our Norwegian team will guide you also with driving tips when you pick up a motorhome.

If you feel uncertain about the functionality of a camper, you can always check our practical guideline video on YouTube. If those will not provide you with a solution or you suspect a malfunction in the vehicle, please remember to call or send a WA message to the 24/7 Road Service Phone which number will be shared with you on a vehicle pick-up.


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Enjoy a Good Feelings holiday with us

Your motorhome holiday in Norway will be one of the best-ever adventures. It will also provide you with a bunch of revealing and energizing experiences to charge your batteries. Welcome to travel with us from Oslo or Tromsø. 

Whether you need any additional guidance, please do not hesitate to contact our international sales office (service in English) by phone, email, or online chat. If you have booked transfer services from the airport on your arrival day, please remember to inform your flight details to the rental station. 

See you soon!


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