Off-season motorhome travel in Finland

Off-season motorhome travel in Finland

Head for a healing road trip 

Autumn is one of the best time of a year to travel in Europe, e.g in Finland.

There is more space on a road, and you can avoid crowds on activity spots and in a parking lot. On an autumn break, you can experience and do whatever you fancy every day, like in summertime, but this time the heat won't tire you up. So after a terribly warm summer period, take your family for an outdoor adventure weekend, enjoy romantic adults-only getaway or head for a hiking / biking / paddling activity vacation with your pals. And just enjoy the ultimate freedom and convenience on a motorhome holiday with us.

In autumn air temperature will drop lower, but we can guarantee you, that beautiful colorful landscape around you, clean fresh air, calming nature sounds and the northern lights visible in the clear evening sky already from September crowns your getaway and you can enjoy a good feelings holiday. 

However, enjoying activities and adventures outdoors all year round and in all weather conditions is a matter of a correct clothing. For autumn travelling we suggest you bring along warm, windproof, and waterproof outfit and wearing layered, fast-drying clothing to feel yourself comfortable in every occasion. 

First off-season destination: Finland


Julius Jansson, Unsplash & Leon Reiner

Tip 1. Combine rural and urban life on your autumn holiday

Enjoy culture and the pulse of the city in the starting point of your road trip just before or after your tour with us. We have recommended some hotels for your stay in Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo and Manchester or Liverpool. Hotels are located in the airport area where you can easily reach city center by train, and where you are also entitled to get a free transport to our local rental station on a pickup and a drop off day (instead of an airport).

Please check our tips and links to city travel guide sites or local express train service providers under each country page. 


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Tip 2. Relax like Finns & heal yourself in a sauna 

Finland has been named the world’s happiest country for the fifth year in a row in an annual index ranking organised by UN. 

One of the balancing element for locals is most likely relaxing sauna – which is not just about bathing in a hot room. It represents a broad bathing culture and a way of healing your body and mind. For centuries, sauna have been associated with well-being, health, and lots of traditions. However, several scientific studies have shown that sauna truly enables health-improving effects such as reducing stress and tension, improving blood circulation by increasing body temperature and heart rate and therefore also reducing joint aches and pains.

In Finland there are over 3,2milj saunas (in a land where population in 2022 is 5.5milj), so you most probably will bump into one or two to enjoy a relaxing experience on your holiday. 

If you start your holiday with a pre-tour in Helsinki, we suggest considering ‘Löyly Helsinki’ which serves you with a traditional bathing experience on an urban environment. In this modern Finnish wooden architectural creation right on the Helsinki waterfront you can enjoy a hot Finnish sauna with a possibility to cool off in natural waters, in the Gulf of Finland, in the Baltic sea. Nowadays modern sauna culture offers many variations from old traditions to modern vibes. So why don’t you try a yoga sauna at the same time in Helsinki to experience the most relaxing urban moment, just like Finns. 

Whether you start your road trip from Rovaniemi, we suggest you experiencing the oldest way of bathing, in a smoked sauna. You get the best experience from this form of bathing in the middle of Lapland's wilderness. Please see some sauna tips published by Visit Finland.  

While treating your body inside, do not forget to pamper your outer layers with skin care and hair treatments.

Do try e.g. traditional organic peat treatments for your skin and hair. This pure natural substance collected from a swamp softens and soothes your body. Treatments are based on an activating effect of biological ingredients and the deep heating effect of a peat. This organic soil has formed slowly from the remains of marsh plants in high moist conditions as a result of an incomplete decomposition.

Organic peat is also a growth substance for one of the rarest fruits in the world, for a Cloudberry. (Technically it is a fruit, not a berry 😊). So do try also local organic beauty care products made from pure Finnish berries (such as Cloudberry) and many other organic plant parts to complete your sauna bathing experience.

superfood-nordic nature-beth-jnr-unsplash

Beth Jnr, Unsplash

Tip 3. Recharging yourself with everything a clean, quiet nature has to offer at its best

Finns are down-to-earth minded people who value nature, peacefulness and prefer outdoor activities all year round. So spend your holiday like Finns. Head your autumn break to one of Finnish national parks and enjoy your day in a heart of a pure nature and among UNESCO geopark spots. Read more on

While hiking or biking, keep your eyes open. You might spot incredible places to pick up your own fresh superfood portions. Fibre-rich berries such as Blueberries (with A / B / C / magnesium / calcium) and Lingoberries (with C / E) are excellent ingredients to supplement your vitamin reserves to boost your immune system functions and help increasing blood circulation to prepare yourself for winter months.  

On your way in the forests, you can also spot Chanterelles which grows mostly near a birch tree in large groups (growing season from June to late autumn). This delicious golden mushroom is easy to prepare in your rental motorhome just by frying them in a pan (just add a piece of butter and maybe some sliced onions along with them) or make a delicious warm soup out of them. All necessary cooking and dining ware are available in your rental motorhome to prepare easily mouth-watering, fresh dinner.


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Tip 4. Where to park and stay in Finland?

You might have heard already the privilege, Everyman’s right to roam. It means you are entitled to enjoy forest’s natural delicacies, wander freely in forests and park yourself for a short time period as you wish. However, familiarize yourself with the restrictions of the regulation so that you do not disturb others or damage anyone's property. 

On a Touring Cars holiday, you can enjoy wild camping easily for few days as our vehicle are equipped with large fresh water and dark water tanks as well as cassette toilet. Also two gas bottles are enough for cooking and cooling of a refrigerator without a plug-in electricity. When you need again some caravan services, please check your nearest services providers e.g., with Park4night mobile application. 

When you want to enjoy camping services and try sauna with showers, please book a parking place for a camping site. Please visit to see camping places in Finland and their annual opening months. Many of them are located next to a beautiful natural water area; sea or lake. But note that camping sites on a skiing resort areas are quaranteed to be open all year round.

And if you are wondering which could be a suitable motorhome for your travel group and how they are equipped, please visit our vehicle categories pages to read and see more. More guidelines for vehicle booking can be found on our general rental info pages.

Whether you need any additional guidance, please do not hesitate to contact our international sales office (service in English) by phone or email or through online chat.

MOTORHOME RENTAL IN EUROPE - Touring Cars International Sales Office

tel. +358 9 849 4050 


Photo by Herbapatistyle  

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