Eastern Europe

visiting estonian countryside with a rental motorhome

Eastern Europe with rental motorhome

Trip duration:
7 days

Motorhome rental in Eastern Europe is an unforgettable experience!  

Eastern Europe is a region that has a rich history and a fascinating culture.  Eastern Europe was behind the Iron Curtain before its fall, and even after, its development has been different from Western Europe. Although the infrastructure in some parts of the Eastern Europe may not be on the same standard that you may have been used to, friendliness of local people, unique quirky things to do like wolf hauling tours, beer-themed spa treatments, authentic atmosphere and cheap prices makes motorhome rental in Eastern Europe a brilliant holiday option.  Your high-quality rental motorhome will take you through the small rural villages and untouched nature without a need to compromise on comfort. 




Prepared for an unforgettable holiday experience with a camping van!

You may decide to begin your unique holiday from either Tallinn, Estonia or from Riga in Latvia.  Both have good flight connections from most of the other european airports. After your arrival to local Airport, Touring Cars´ welcoming personnel will meet you in the airport terminal and our shuttle service takes you to our motorhome rental station for the camper orientation and information. 

After a full orientation to your state-of-the-art rental motorhome, receiving local travel tips and unpacking your belonging to your rental motorhome you´re ready to hit the roads of Eastern Europe. Spend the first day in the capital city to get the first touch to the Slavic culture. Do some shopping with unbeatable prices and try the local cuisine and some of the signature dishes of the local restaurants. You will be amazed of the quality and price relationship. 


Full support

We are committed to make your motorhome rental holiday care free and memorable.  In addition to latest well-equipped rental motorhome models and welcoming and professional customer service from start to finish, you will be provided with a free of charge airport transfer services from Riga or Tallinn Airport and 24/7 telephone number to your rental station for any rental motorhome related questions you may have during your holiday. Our high quality service even includes a motorhome replacement service in case of any severe malfunction situations so you can truly travel without needing to worry about such unlikely situations.



Authenticity in Latgale, Latvia

The eastern part of Latvia is really exciting because of its versatility and authenticity. The area is rich in culture and the old traditions. Strong references to Catholic religion, typical for this part of the world can be seen and felt in many places but the area is best known for the multiple lakes and post card like beautiful nature. The nature lovers should make a pit stop in the Rāzna national park. This national park was established in 2007 to protect the second largest lake in Latvia called Rāzna and Ežezers, an amazingly beautiful lake that has at least 33 islands.

Choose one of the rustic local camping sites to stay overnight and enjoy the evening around the campfire. Camping sites are also good places to chat with the fellow caravanners to get latest travel tips.  


The capital of Lithuania, Vilnius

After a well rested night in the high quality cool foam beds and delicious breakfast you prepared in your well equipped motorhome kitchen you are ready to continue your motorhome rental adventure in Eastern Europe. 

After a few hours drive from Rezekne, your third stop on this route is Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Vilnius is full of beautiful market streets, cathedrals and castles oozing authentic Eastern European atmosphere. One of the must visit sites is Gediminas' tower of the upper castle representing the nation itself. This iconic landmark is the major symbol of the city of Vilnius. Hundreds of local restaurants provides you the perfect opportunity to taste local delicacies so use the opportunity an indulge yourself to the Eastern cuisine.  



The Birth town of Fryderyk Chopin, Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, the birth town of Fryderyk Chopin, is the largest city in Poland and, as a capital city, the centre of economics, politics and culture.  Narrow alleys, beautiful squares and cosy cafes provide you with life-lasting memories and a camera full of beautiful photographs. Visit the royal residences of Polish rulers, see the monumental architecture and the endless number of art pieces. Walking through one of the beautiful gardens or parks guarantees a wonderful afternoon outdoors.   

The best entertainment and recreational activities can be found from the Vistula area. The natural banks, including sandy beaches that are connected, to the untouched forest by a walking boulevards are great places to spend a day with the family. The Vistula area is also known for its numerous bars and clubs so if you´re traveling without children and you are a fan of clubbing stay around when the sun sets and let the party begin. 

Fryderyk Chopin
1810 - 1849

Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin was the most outstanding Polish composer and pianist. As the leading musician of his era he wrote some of the most well known and best recognised nocturnes, mazurkas and waltzes world wide almost exclusively for the piano.



Picturesque and historical gem of Eastern Europe, Gdansk, Poland 

An active city for active people with pine forests and sandy beaches. Gdansk is also full of historical monuments and Bourgeois architecture. Gdansk has the biggest fortifications in Eastern Europe, all of them perfectly preserved. Gdansk is the perfect place to take your bicycles down from your rental camper's bike rack and cycle through the picturesque cycling paths. Why not to surprise your kids and cycle to the biggest zoo in Poland?



The pearl of architecture, Riga, Latvia

If you didn´t start your motorhome rental from Riga you should should definitely include a visit to this Latvian Capital.  Riga's architecture derives from the 800 year old Gothic period, and with its medieval buildings, beautiful Art Nouveau style and wooden old town, is a true pearl of architecture. In addition to the beautiful architecture and surroundings, Riga offers a vast selection of things to see and do for active people. Whether your are an adrenaline junkie, horse lover or spa person, Riga has something for you. 



Pampering yourself and enjoying a relaxing holiday with a camper van

If you´re returning your rental motorhome to Riga, you can spend the day in relaxing in one of the city's day spas or having an active day shopping.

If you´re returning your rental motorhome to Tallinn we would recommend to spend a similar day but driving first closer to our rental station in Tallinn. A Great option for a last day in most beautiful surroundings would be the area of Rakvere close to the scenic Lahemaa National Park. Ask for 'Rasulbad' refreshing ritual performed in a steam sauna using local rasul mud. Alternatively you can ask for 'Sabbia Med', a relaxing light therapy performed with warm sand. Either way you´re guaranteed to have a wonderful experience you deserve.

Arriving back to the motorhome rental station

Our welcoming rental station staff will be excited to hear all about your motorhome rental adventure in Eastern Europe.  After packing your personal belonging and saying good bye to your beautiful rental camper Touring Cars staff will offer you a drive to the airport.


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